Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Challenge #9 L.O's!

Thanks to the great gals who faithfully do my sketches....I appreciate your playing along each time. Your creativity never ceases to inspire me & teach me something new.

Like Misty's page here....don't you just love how she stamped butterflies across the two pages to 'join' them. Your colour sense is amazing!

...and Marilyn used these cute stitched flourishes to do the same thing.
Boy! all the lovely stitching must have taken you ages :o)

I love how Shaina used the strips of patterned paper to gel the pages together....see the addition of the black is such a strong feature. Is the black paper dye cut with holes??? Great job!

And mine...I stepped out folks & tried my hand at digi again...& do you know what.... I LOVED it. The tricky part I find is to always think of what the light would do in real life. I think that is what determines whether or not a L.O looks realistic or not. I used the crystals, turquoise flourishes & colour to tie my pages together.

Well everyone I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did...I'll post the RAK winner a bit later.
Regarding the next challenge....I have decided that x4 challenges a month is just too many with all my other projects on the go, so I am cutting it down to x2 a month, giving everyone more time to complete it.

Well I have to dash...the electrician is in the roof trying to sort out why our circuits are tripping all the time. I have a feeling it because of all the rain water that is finding it's way inside our home through every nook & cranny. Builders...are SERIOUSLY in my bad books right now. Through out both our renovation we had nothing but nightmare stories.
Anyway enough of that....before I really get started on my war stories.

Have a super day.....
Chat soon