Monday, September 01, 2008

Rough time!

We have had the biggest storm since 2001 hit our coast line this weekend it has left 100's homeless...& countless wet, cold & waterlogged. The clouds & dramatic skies were quite something...we even had an electric storm which is unusual for Cape Town.

This image I found on this site, it has live web cams all over South Africa. Seeing live images is quite cool actually.

The bonus was the surfers had GIANT surf to play in.....only downfall being they were warned to be on the look out for stray logs that were loose in the ocean after a ship lost it's cargo in the storm. pluck up the courage to paddle into a monster wave like this, only to be hit in the head by a large floating object...together with the sharks & the freezing water....I don't know about you but it doesn't seem like a whole lot of fun to me?

My kids on the other hand thought the rain, hail & freezing temperatures were great fun....& decided to experience it up front & personal....out side. You might be thinking...woman you are MAD!! but my thoughts are...what's the worst that can happen, that a hot bath can't sort out?

Anyway guys...that's all for now. I MUST get some scrappy projects finished.
Have a super day!