Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A little while ago I discovered that I could get a regular supply of beautiful dark wood 12x12 frames to be able to showcase some of my L.O's. Well, my darling bloke put his handyman hat on & mounted some of them them on a wall for me. Initially when I was selecting the ones to hang, I was worried they would look too busy all together in a group but now that they are up, I am pleasantly surprised....they look amazing!
On the scrappy front...I did this little project for the Cocoa Daisy blog, using scraps from the last two months kit, an old CD & x1 jumbo photo...if you are keen to know how...pop over to their blog & take a squizz.

Cocoa Daisy's Sept kits are up for sale....they are really cool, bright & perfect for summer photo's. There are also loads of fantastic add-on's too, so if you are looking for something funky...head over to their shop & take a look-see.

In the spirit of Spring...which is what we are supposed to be experiencing right now....but aren't :o(....I bought a pair of cute, stripy pink pumps. I am not one for shopping much but when I saw these I just had to have them.....& the reasonable price of R49.99 (which is about $6.44) certainly helped in my speedy decision to buy them because when it comes to clothes & shoe, shopping I am a procrastinator of note~ hahaha!

This close up, doesn't actually do them any that I re-look this photo. In real life they are cute tiny size 5's, not nearly as HUGE as they look here!

Well on that note I must go & see to Max & his friend Joshua...they are eating dried guava roll on the trampoline, playing with dinosaurs. The incessant roaring, tells me they are still having fun together. At 4yrs (Max) & 5yrs (Joshua) old, they tire of each other so fast & get rough just as quickly. It is all about perfect timing with Max to ensure they get his permission to come & play again...if the memory of the play date is ugly, he tends to not want to have them over again. need a degree to raise them :o)

Have a great day guys!