Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home alone.

I'm a bad blogger... I know!!! But when all I've have been doing all week is scrapping & playing Mama...there isn't much deep 'n meaningful to blog about. So here is a few bits 'n bobs!

I had a bit of a scrappy challenge this week, in that x2 different mags selected the same L.O for publication....yikes, huge dilemma! Thankfully one of the mags is happy to see some other options as a pressure or anything!! :o) :o) I am almost finished & will be able to get them off to the editor by Monday! I hope they like them.

This pic is just boys are so cute!

With Tersh being on being on mens church camp,it is just me & Maxi at home this weekend. All the guys at our church look forward to it each is a 5 day testosterone laced affair, with much male bonding, eating & generally letting go of all inhibitions. They go Kloof diving, fishing, play rugby, hang out & spend quality time seeking God. T only made it up to Ceres on Friday...(a 3hr drive into the mountains), so it will only really be 3 days for him.

Maxi & I have made the most of our 'date' weekend though & chilled out together. We've been to the mall, bought x2 new DVD's...The Bee Movie & Peter Pan, ate hot chips, hit the toy super store to buy a present for a school friend & he helped me choose a new pair of coloured flip flop's. It's been great. This arvi we are heading to a 4yr olds, Power Ranger party....who knows what that will be about? Exciting stuff & tell you...hahahahaha!
A far cry from my life before kids hey; fashion shows, garment showings, textile fairs & tons of traveling. But as weird as it sounds, I wouldn't trade the life I have now for anything.

This is how Maxi passed the time last night while I cooked supper. Tummy art......the design: 'Beautiful flower garden'....according to His Nibs :o)

Doesn't come off though, I've tried everything....who would have know the lovely pen he is using, would have Tattoo quality ink inside hahaha! Well I am off now to rub shoulders & have polite conversation with the Mommies of Maxi's class mates...I am no good at small talk, so wish me luck.

Chat again in a couple of days.
Over & out.