Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi guys...yip you are probably wagging your finger at me, scolding me for my shocking blogging record over the last little while. Well, I've been busy, very busy actually. I have had scrappy projects for some mags coming out of my ears, then my brother & sister in law came out from the UK and stayed with us, then my Pink Paislee projects were due and to top it all my Cocoa Daisy kit arrived...sooo you can imagine...there was no room left for blogging.

I will post some pics of our time with them here soon, I still have to go through them all & select a handful out of the 500 or so I took hahaha! Camera happy I was!!
I do however have a few pink Paislee projects to share with you. I have used a variety of products here, so if you are interested hop over to this link & take a look at exactly what I used.

This is my March project for the month.

This was February's projects...yes, it is an altered item ( I can hear some of you out there sniggering), I had to try it sometime didn't I?? I kept is easy & used a tin.....if you are keen to see something just short of unbelievable, pop over to this PP blog post. Jenni is a genius at altering, as you will plainly see, what I call altering doesn't even count.

This was my March blog post. Bright & fun!

I know short & sweet but it is real late & I have to get some sleep, so that's all for now folks. I have some great news to share with you but I'll get to it in a in a day or two, so please pop back.

Now go & have yourselves a super day!