Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flower tutorial.

Mornin' all...thought I'd get you inspired to try your hand at a bit of sewing. For those of you panicking...please don't! The word sewing doesn't include the use of any machinery but rather the old fashioned needle & thread.

This is a tutorial I put together recently for the Cocoa Daisy Spring crop we held a week or so ago. It is really easy & worth a try. ;)


*First start with a strip of fabric...the wider you cut it the bigger your flower will end up.
*Fold it in half width wise so you get a clean edge for the 'petals'.
*Pin & tack stitch it closed...remember to stop 1cm short on one end for joining the flower together.


*Holding the fabric in one hand & the thread still attached to the needle in the other, gently gather the fabric to one side.
*Once completely gathered, back stitch to stop it unraveling.


*With the right sides together, back stitch the x2 ends together to secure the flower circle.
*The flower is now complete.


*Using a large decorative brad or button through the middle, secure the flower onto your page.

Voila! all done...simple & effective way to make your own embellishments ;)

I hope it was helpful??
Happy scrappin'!