Monday, December 13, 2010


I was caught 'malling'.... for those of you who know me...I don't 'Mall' if I can help it. My Hubby whipped out the camera & said: 'Pose', before I could here is it in full color, us braving Century City Mall a week before Christmas. 100's of people caught up in the frantic shopping hype. Being an 'outsider' I found myself marveling at the pressure people seemed to to be weighed down with to buy, buy, buy. As much as I LOVE this time of year, I fear the world is missing the point of it all. Commercialism aside it is supposed to be a time about sharing the love of Jesus rather than racking up the credit card. Sigh..... we all fall prey to this craziness (me included).

How do we get our focus back to the truth?
I was reading this article called 10 Ways not to break the bank at Christmas. Imagine a Christmas without gifts but rather us sharing our time & generosity with the less fortunate? It sure challenged me.

Moi.. with my 'game' face on, after 3 hours of fighting crowds & only x2 gifts in the bag.

The mall in all it's Christmas finery.

The indoor Snow slope where people can tube, snowboard etc. Yes...snow in Africa!! This is quite ironic given it is 30 degrees C out today.

Maxi enjoying a train ride around the mall.... note the stimulating view....haha! NOT!

So enjoy start of your Holiday season.....& let's try & make it count, preferable not in a monetary way.