Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mixed media Blog hop + still a chance to win.

Lovely people... over the last week I have been blogging about the CK mixed media Vol.2 issue right!

Oh before I forget, you still have until Friday to leave a comment on this blog post>>> for a chance to win a copy of CK mixed media Vol.2 issue. Come on...go leave me a comment!!

Today I am excited to say that today a bunch of creative, fun gals from the industry who have projects included in the mag are blog hopping & sharing a bit about the pages they had published. I am especially thrilled that a bunch of them were the designers who's pages I was fortunate enough to have included in the article I wrote 'Collage Whimsy'. I was so happy how it turned out but alas you'll have to buy the issue to read it LOL. 

The great news is that Paper Crafts/ Creating Keepsakes magazine are going to continue printing special subject mags next watch the news for up & coming issues.

I was blessed to have a selection of pages published in this one.  
Here are a few sneaks:

From the article: Around The House

 From the Article: Modeling Mediums

From the Article: Mad For Metallic

Here is the master list of designers playing along and their blog links. So be sure and check out today's featured blogs, each one of them are inspiring and have fresh ideas you can add to your mixed media scrapbooking. Remember to come back tomorrow for even more!

Creating Keepsakes Mixed Media Scrapbooking
Official Blog Hop Roster

Wednesday September 25th, 2013
Liz Hicks
Noel Culbertson
Ronda Palazzari
Angela Magnuson
Marion Smith 

PS: A huge thank you to the cute Liz Hicks for organising this blog hop.