Saturday, April 01, 2017

'Go for double' with this clear window Shaker card!

Hellooo lovely friends,
Today I have a cool card idea, I know you are going to LOVE! Using the fabulous Foam Front Polaroid Die & Card Set from Queen & Co, I did something a little different with this set...I created a double window, clear on both sides, so one can read the Happy Birthday sentiment inside the card.
Happy Birthday Card by Kim Watson


Using the card foam front, along with x2 cellophane window pieces, I filled the window shaker with a festive mixture of colored, Sequin Sprinkles & clear Tiny Bubbles. The combination of colors mixed with punched black stars give the card a wonderful celebratory vibe. Using the 2nd piece of cellophane, I 'closed' the shaker, then by positioning the die on the actual card to fit directly under the foam polaroid, I was able to simply create a window, allowing one to see the sentiment stamped (TCP Studio) on the inside of the card.


What better way to decorate a birthday card than with a cute cupcake. I drew the cupcake onto cardstock, then filled it with washi tape frosting. A sharp craft knife trimmed away the excess, leaving a scrumptious cupcake accent.


I hope you like this one!! 
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