Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don't faint!!!!

OK the time has come for me to get more organised. I will post on my blog every day....I will post on my blog every day....hopefully if I say it often enough it will stick.

A close friend says that if you have a blog and don't post regularly, you are PATHETIC!!!!! I don't need 'pathetic' added to my list of! and what excuse do I have for not doing this everyday...ummmmm...none I can think of.

Well for you far and wide who haven't caught up with the latest skinner in my life, things have defiantly changed as of the 1st May 2007. From this month I am no longer actively involved in Amazon Clothing. I don't know whether or not to say yeeeehaaaa or boooohoooo! Admittedly the transition has be no less that HIDEOUS! For years I have been bleating on about how I wish the Lord would change my life enough that it didn't include Amazon Clothing, Urban, clothing, fabric or anything else related to clothing. Well here I am and I can't get my head around being at home every day. I do have a life line tho' in that my darling T has moved from his office in Westlake Park and settled his cute butt here at home, in the Loft office we built 16 months ago. He is moved in and about 70% organised....but temporarily on hold while we wait for Hellcom to get their act together and connect our business telephone line. No cables they said, why we weren't told 7 weeks ago when we put the application I don't know?

{Oh Canada...oh Canada, she yodels}

I have had the privilege of seeing my hunnie in action, quite a thing I must say. I am hoping that once our new designer Tamsyn has settled in next week we can start full-steam-ahead on {DOODLE STUDIO} get used to that name gals, it is about to hit the big-time!!!! then I will have plenty do keep myself busy with.

The flip side of me being at home is Maxi is loving it. I take my hat off to all those SHAM's out there, who have lovingly stayed at home and kept the home fires burning while the rest of the planet fights the traffic to the office every day. All I can say is those office goers have it easy in comparison to trying to occupy the busy mind of a curious 3yr old who has 7000 words to use up before mid-day and aspires to being an astronaut, practising his flying skills every free moment he has by launching himself from any surface elevated more than half a meter off the ground. Heck I am taking strain!!!! Oh for a few sales prediction reports.........ninny! you might be thinking...well think away while I down another glass of stiff Diet Pepsi. Poor Aunty Sarah is yesterdays news according to Maxi, he keeps telling her to go home and make Uncle John some tea because Mama is here. I feel for her...her little blonde haired charge is momentarily distracted by his ever available Mama, it must be hard to be at the receiving end of his 'rejection'...if you can call it that. Hopefully the novelty will soon wear off and things will be back to 'normal' for her.

On the scrapping front things have certainly been exciting with CK magazine {} asking if they can publish one of my pages for the August mag. Then another of my pages was selected for Fresh face and then recalled when we discovered I will have been published by the time the Fresh face page would be published, therefore disqualifying the page....BUMMER!!!!!! Erin Lincon the online editor for CK mailed be some tips about how and when to submit pages. I have gotten my act together and made some deadlines but I am feeling a bit creatively dry at the moment and I am struggling to scrap. Hopefully not for long! I will start posting again soon, I hope.

Below are some pages I did a little while ago using my new technique of saving the beautiful elements of printed paper that always get lost underneath photographs:

{A moment of reflection for me. Loved working with this Bohemia P.P, worked perfectly with this L.O. }

Anyway I have to run. Maxi is awake and we have Cas this weekend and also next week for a few days while her Mom is in hospital for some tests. She is struggling with her kidneys or something. So things are a bit hectic.

God's richest blessings and I will chat again soon.

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