Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a quickie.

I said I would do it every day and so far so good. The fact that I only managed to get to it at the very last moment before pumpkin hour is indicative of my rather crazy day.

Cas has to stay with us for the whole week, quite an adjustment having 2 bunnies to look after all day instead of one. Kim (her Mom) rushed to hospital last nite....kidney failure, she has to have it out. Freek! sobering stuff, it came out of no-where. Shame, I feel for her tho' it can't be pleasant.

......and the play room flooded AGAIN!!!! flip I was so irritated. The roof and the floor are stuffed and the builder can only come tomorrow to survey the damage. He better cough up other wise I might just do a "berzerk" on him.

Then just to make my day even more colourful, I had a 40 min wait in a Helkom queue today which didn't help my general out look of our beloved country, 8 weeks just to get our Redline design land line moved and the only response I got from the delightful aunty behind the counter was: "eeeeeeh sorrreee!".

"Oh, Canada! Oh, Canada!" hahahaha! I have grown strangely attatched to that little song.

Well I gotta go sleep.
Until the next exciting episode......
This is Captain Watson signing "over and out".

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