Tuesday, May 15, 2007

....and then there are those %$rap days!

Oh what a 'kek' day I have had. I fought with the ADSL all day! Somehow when I moved the wireless router into the loft the settings went mashuga and I couldn't fix it, no matter what I did. Eventually 5 fone calls later, Nikki came to my rescue and after much to'ing-and-fr'owing got it to work! Yowzer it is amazing how something as insignificant as the internet connection can steal my joy and turn me into a real prickle-butt. You know you have a long face when your three year old demands that 'you stop being so grumpy and just find your happy face'. I laughed so much I thought my sides would split. Trust Max to diffuse the situation. I am also taking REAL strain trying to keep x2 kiddies occupied all day. Thank the Lord for Aunty Sarah who saved my bacon for an hour or two by taking them to the fireman training center up @ Tokai forest for a visit. They had a blast. Max saw an ele-plane, x2 fire jeeps, a biiiiggg ladder, lots of fire chiefs, they looked for horses but couldn't find them 'yesterday' {his words} and the hi-light was the monkeys with ugly blue butts. What is it about boys and butts???

2nite my hunnie took us out for steaks for supper, so no cooking, yay! and no dishes, yay!....and he has just emerged brandishing episode 4 of Grey's Anatomy, so I am sorry folks, my priorities have just changed. No offence.....I gotta go.

Luv ya!

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