Wednesday, May 16, 2007

....wheeu just made it.

Another day gone. Is it just me or is time moving faster? Still 24hrs.. just faster? And what do I have to show for my quota of breath today? Ummmmm...... nothing very useful I am afraid. I am hating this 'in limbo' thing. Hopefully by the end of this month I will have a clear picture of where Doodle Studio is going, so I must vas-buit until then I suppose.

My head seems to be so full of silent thoughts these days....
I wonder how 'Bam & Pops are? Are they happy? We miss them.
I wonder if Construction 2000, will ever come back and fix the freeway {just up the road}, they have just fixed or is that it.... pothole-heaven?
I wonder if the twit up the road, who drives like a lunatic in his souped up mustang, ever has a pang of conscience, as he leaves scared, wailing children in his dust cloud every time he drives down the street?
How does my favorite Chinese shop get the chicken so tender?
Am I the only one who stops at red traffic lights?
Will Site 5 ever stop growing or is Sun valley going to become a suburb of it?
I wonder what Bec's and Waron are doing right now?
Will they ever explain what flattened all those trees in Lost?
Does anyone else think that eating at restaurants is the lie of the decade? All their food sucks! Unless it is Mexican...The Fat Cactus passed the taste test.
Why on earth do we pay for SABC TV license's, if there is never anything to watch but 1983 bargain-bin specials or home grown sludge, in some African language that I will probably never learn or understand?
Wonder why they haven't developed a pill to replace takes too much time.
I wonder what my neighbor Karen's shoe cupboard looks like.
Why do I love Diet Pepsi so much...... must have a mind altering drug in it?
When will I ever learn to play guitar?
Hope I find cheap air-tickets to Canada, soon.
How could our president justify a security wall around his home that cost us tax payers R90 mil...heavens!!!!!

I could go on and on....but I won't bore you any more. It is good to clear the old nogin tho'.

I suppose I should get to bed. My dear friend, Mel, has convinced me that it'll be OK to go on an a chick outing for 2 hours tomorrow AM {without} the kids.....and they'll survive. Yeeeha!

See some piccies below from Maxi's no. 3 birthday party:

Brian & Landa and the kiddies. Howz the cool train cake Tersh & I made.

Maxi & his best friend James, tucking into the cake

Maxi & Cas playing with his pressie from us...a tree-house.

Anyway I'm off now. Sleep tite.


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