Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ok so I've gone quiet!

I just had nothing much to say. Week 2 of having to fend for 4 instead of 3 and the cracks are showing.
NINNY! you are probably thinking but what can I say???? I am not so good at this. It is pouring outside...the Kirstenhof canals are overflowing into the roads, Max has a cold and is sneezing gallons of gloop all over the place, I hear "I'm bored" at least every 30 seconds and I have run out of ideas for entertaining the kiddies. All I want to do, is something other than maid duties.....SCRAPPING would be good but NO CHANCE with the rug-rats bleating for something when ever I decide to sneak off to behind my wall for 2 minutes.

Heck there has to be more to life than this. Ooooh she's losing it you might be thinking but I often wonder what the result would be if someone let truth serum into the main water supply. How many people would come clean about how un-fulfilling 'the ground-hog' of life really is. Yes I live a life different to most in that I have the Lord on my side but even one's Christian walk needs purpose and objective.

Oh to pack up my life here and be spontaneous, travel the planet, climb a mountain, fish for huge bass in the everglades, walk in a forest in British Columbia.....what if?
Here's my take on things: Society silently pressurizes all of us to plan for our old age, put every cent away for when you are old, they say. Ya! then we are too old to do anything. It is a conspiracy I tell you, to shut us all down in our prime, to control all the mice into keeping with the program. I mean if we spend our energy filled hours working, then we are spat out at the end of each day, only to spend another hour traveling to get home, then we have to deal with the kids....dinner, homework etc. by 9.15pm once dishes are cleaned, how on earth are we supposed to scratch enough energy to get all creative and do great stuff for the Kingdom. I seriously don't know how it's all supposed to work! Anyone got any tips????

No, I am not depressed, just reflective hahahaha! and freaking out because of that dreaded thing that debilitates most families during winter: "cabin fever"... serious stuff, I tell you.

Well I have DVD no. 3 running in the background...Stewart Little 2 I think, totally riveting, believe me. Be that as it may, I better go and rescue the children before their eyes start to change shape.

Love you all, hopefully tomorrow I will have some more piccies to upload as well as a smile on my dial.
Sleep tite guys.


  1. oi. you gonna need me to take you out at least once a freaking week girl. ja; I see your point though but you gotta start looking for the small joys. thats what makes life so cool!

  2. c'mon. its 2115 on Sunday and am waiting to hear about your day. the good parts. do we need to make this a competition?? taking levi for his shots tomoro, ugh, I hate it. 3 kids down and i still wanna cry.. nite x


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