Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are on line again....yaaay!

Hello world, miss me???
I hope you are all yodeling YEEESSS!! but on second thoughts I must be marginally delusional, thinking more than 2 people actually read this hahahahahah!
One can dream you know, it is allowed {according to Meredith}. Meredith you ask? ....you...have....to...ask...tsk,tsk! She is that super hungry, extra 'los', chickadee with large ideas about why the world and her life seem so pitted against her, from Grey's Anatomy, the DVD series man! Ag no! whadda you mean Huh? Ok,ok I confess T & I have become Grey's junkies and hey! no finger wagging now. You should be relieved.....at least it we are not frequenting the, 'Desperate housewives' shelf, eeek! there is something about that title that makes me want to break out the Dettol. It is a season, we say ....yaaaa Season 2 hahaha! and hopefully they will release Season 3 soon, can't keep us hanging for too long. We miss our friends at Seattle General Hospital you know.

No but seriously....life has had it's moments of HELL lately!!! but at least I have all of you lovelies to keep me laughing......and Grey's. No, no I am only joking! Things are looking up today. I don't know why they just are. Maybe it is the wise words of my dear friend, Mel: "That you have got to look for the good, no matter how small, in amongst the bad. It is those things that make it all worth it."

So I made a list:

* Maxi lent over to me during Noddy and whispered in my ear " mama I have a secret...I love to see you"
* Tersh perved at my cleavage half a dozen times a day and said as much. Gotta say, I protested, but in all honesty it warmed the heart just the same.
* Maxi loves it when Cas reads him story's, she is really tolerant of her little brother and he adored her all the more for it. I love watching them together.
* I said 'yes' to Cas to have yet another friend from the neighbor hood over to play and got a fist full of kisses blown my way.
* Went on a drive-about, late this morning to clear my head and ended up finding a black cardi @ Woolies that I had been searching for, for ages, in the right size.
*Today, Tammy our new designer, officially began work on {Doodle studio}.
* Tonight Maxi prayed " Thankyou Jesus that we are all together, all my friends, Mama and Dad, are all together and thank you for my yummie supper....I love to eat food, and thank you for my sister Cas, she is a girl and thank you for all my trucks & cars & all my lovely yellow diggers & cranes and my red mini cooper & all those Cars." Something about the prayers of an innocent heart that causes you too, to be thankful for our lives that do NOT include pieces of corrugated iron sheeting in sub-zero temperatures.
Right now I am thankful to the Lord for His small blessings...(thanks Mel for perspective)

Talking about temperatures...howz the snow in Plett???? I couldn't believe my eyes. Snow
at sea level...what next, Cape Town? I sincerely hope not, no-one's homes and life styles could deal with a sub-zero winter. El'nino at it's best. Lord help all the homeless.

On a more positive note...my sister-in-law, Mand's wrote a huge exam today. Going towards her Masters in Human Resources...WOW!! If I know her she has aced it...she always does.
Go Girl!!! You are in our thoughts.

Mumsie & Pop's...we miss you madly. Just hurry up and get your email up and running. Maxi can't wait to chat to you: 'on the computer, 'cos then I can see their eyes'...I dunno what that means,any ideas???

Anyway thats all for today folks. Good chatting again. See below some foto's of stuff.
Luv ya


These are some piccies of an exploding memory
box I made for Cas to take home with her

Piccies from Erins birthday last weekend. Cass had a ball cuddling bunnies...
Tersh on the other hand doesn't look at relaxed.....AAArh killer parrot!!!

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  1. Hey. good to see you back. I certainly missed you. Been up ALL NIGHT Really, no sleep since 10pm last night. Levi and Faith both woke with hectic fevers. Faith delarious. she went back to sleep and is fine this morn!??? Levi was horrendous, fever and crying for 7 hours. Am finished. Russ at home with me today. To doc this arvie. Catch you later x


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