Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Geriatric moment.

No offense to those considered geriatric in age...but I certainly had a couple of those challenging moments today. The biggest being that it took me until 4.30 this arvi, to realise that tomorrow is not the 31st May but only the 30th. That meant we no longer had to get to the airport at the crack of dawn, to catch a flight which wouldn't have been there, leaving us or me should I say, red faced and feeling like a dweeb, to pick a poor unfortunate friend to come and rescue us. I am quite relieved in a way because it gives me an extra day to get packed. What a drama you would think I was going away for a month

The day was pretty much uneventful, with Sarah being a star, as usual, by helping get everything ready for the trip {haha!}, the good news is that for the first time in at least 6 months, I managed to get her to look at the "tweety bird" for a split second, so I could get her photo for the blog. She is as bad as my mum.......a professional camera dodger and when she is finally caught in the view finder, she can't keep still for a second, so the fact that there is a photo of her in focus, on here is nothing short of a miracle.

Our family is blessed to have had this AMAZING selfless lady as part of our family for the last 3 years. Max loves her and life would be seriously less organized if she weren't here.

Aunty Sarah we LOVE YOU!!!

Do you ever have those moments where you find your mind filled with evil thoughts???? Well, Oh-my-cat!!!I did, today.......
Don't get me wrong...I love being Maxi's Mama but do you ever long for a bit of adult conversation during the day? I sometimes get so saturated by kiddy conversation, kiddie games, kiddie books, kiddie DVD's, kiddie habits that I feel like my head is going to explode!!! and I have it SOOOO much easier with one child, than some women out there, who have a herd to care for.

Today my freak out is MAISY MOUSE! I am so tired of seeing her in my home, hearing her voice when ever I go into the lounge, finding her books in the most obscure places...laundry basket, behind the loo door, in my T-shirt cupboard. I am thinking of boycotting her for while, whadda you think? She is the focus of my evil today. DOWN WITH MAISY!!!!

If I have to see her mug shot so can you~

Now for something more sane...my dear husband. He is happy as Larry and nicely settled into the loft office. Helkom finally came through with our office line, our ADSL line and server are fixed and no longer giving us jip and he has a new designer. He is totally stoaked with Tammy, our newest recruit for Redline Design. She is great, talented and fits in really well, not there are masses of us to fit in with~haha. Already she has been invaluable to Tersh by halving his workload.
Yaaaay! I have my bloke back in the evenings.

As you know we are going to PE on Thursday...part of our trip is to see a big client's of ours who is about to launch this really clever product and Tersh & Tammy are putting the finishing touches on things. They are this vibey Christian media company who are making HUGE inroads into the movie industry. It will be good to hang with them a bit. We are especially looking forward to visiting their church on Sunday. I will tell you all about it when we get back next week.

Today I am so aware of the strife-free life I live. I am newly grateful for the amazing family life I experience within the four walls of my lovely home. I have an amazingly kind, thoughtful, generous, understanding and loving husband; as well as a beautiful, thoughtful, sweet but wild, super attentive, bright-button of a little boy and I am happy. Don't get me wrong life, has had a field day with my life of late but amidst that chaos, I have my little haven, my oasis, my little family.

All this because not so long ago I was kicked in the ass by my good friend mel, who read me the riot act and now I find myself wanting to try and look for the good, more than I focus on the bad.

I have to keep reminding myself that my God is good! and He never changes. My attitude tends to cloud the perfect picture of Him until all I see is a blur but that's my fault not His.

Thanks for bearing with me through my sometimes idiotic rambling. You guys are the best!

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  1. Hullo you!I laughed so hard when I read this cos I too thought today was the 31st!!! I had babysitters racked up for our estate AGM and everthing. So all our plans are skwonky...and I am younger than you...but them I hace a herd of kids so I am right up there with ya girl! Am loving your blog and will sorely miss you while you away.SMeSs me and let me know how you all doing ok? xx


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