Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Move over Maisy you've got competition!

Hi everyone!
I hope you have had a good day? I certainly did, we made a trip to the library and returned home armed to the teeth with 'new friends'. Books, glorious books. I love how Max gets completely involved with the story. So much so that if and when I read a book to him for a second time and mess with the story a bit for variety I end up getting corrected. I'm not joking......This one time I used the word 'fun', instead of: 'they had an 'adventure', and I was smartly reprimanded...."No Mama, they had an AD'vencha not fun"!
So much for creative license. It is either right or wrong hahahaha! I sometimes think Maxi is 3, going on 'old-man'!

Have a look @ some of his newest 'friends'. Maisy, I suggest you find somewhere else to lay your head girl.....YOU ARE OUT!!! {and the Mama sighs in relief!}

I think this book is one of my favourites.
It is about a bunch of odd looking frogs....boy frogs & girl frogs, who have peer pressure issues and a complete lack of hygiene and no individualism. For some reason they do everything together, at the same time mind you. Even their runny noses happen together......and as you have probably guessed, they never knew an arm wasn't the place to wipe the old dripping hooter and so on, and so on....Maxi of course loves this 'gross' part, he is such a boy!
I love ham-ing the stories up a bit making them a bit more kiddie and adult friendly {for the ever patient father who listens in too} because I often wonder how some of these books get published the way they are written.....doesn't anyone proof read the copy any more???

Any how, I am about to finish packing our suitcase and hit the sack....early start in the AM. Dear Sarah is taking us to the airport, Bless her. I have set the Hunnie to to see him sweat, although I am sure there are more fun ways to get him to do that, than this. Shame! He is really good about helping around the house tho'. I am on a mission not to get to bed at midnight because there is nothing worse than being dog tired on a plane, with a bouncing boy and not being able to doze off.

<<<< See this.
I was getting acquainted with my kettle.....again this evening {love a good brew or two after supper} and had this idea of a self- portrait in the kettle.
Oh on second thoughts, this is sad and the pits actually...I am photographing my kettle and myself in the kettle. What next?

Ok, Ok I will stop right about now while the going is good and I haven't completely thrown my name away.

Before I go however, I promised some of my scrapping buddies that I would post some of my new L.O's using some of Jo's FABULOUS Autumn leaves papers. They turned out really nicely don't you think? See I am experimenting with some of the Doodle Studio stuff too..... Transparencies, Arrows, Doodle-bubbles & Doodle-bots....cute hey?

Well there you have it, all you fab! people.....oh and shame on you, all who read my blog and don't leave a comment...NOT good enuff! Come-on you can do it, just for me, OK?

Nite-nite...I am taking my laptop with me to PE, so hopefully I will be able to blog a bit while I am away. Now don't miss me too much. Hahahahaha! I live in hope ;o)


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  1. Hey hey. This is your friendly checker inner.How do you add links to your posts? I have tried to add you under MY FAV LINKS on the left of my posts but only yours wont work!!! Frustration!!! But I dig the way you work it into your post,email me da answer.Had cruddy day today, pop over to 5Browns and read all bout it. So glad you taking your laptop to PE, hopefully will get my daily KJ fix. Lurve the LO's, keen to see them in the flesh.xx


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