Friday, June 08, 2007

Coming soon....

Hi there you fabulous lot! I have missed being to able blog so much while i was in PE. I admit i did try but they still have the OLD telephone lines there, coupled with the antique ceramic roof thingie-ma-jiggies, hence a new take on snail-e-mail making internet surfing IMPOSSIBLE! I did however draft my post, I must just sit and do will take a while so I can't tackle it now because I have to quickly pop off to the office supply shop {luverly!!} I will do it later tho'.

Thought i'd just drop you a quick line to say I haven't been abducted and i am thinking about you all.
Chat a bit later.

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  1. Am waiting with bated breath. Really. have missed you muchly. Wednesday morn, you and me, lets do some retail therapy! xx


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