Sunday, May 27, 2007

Things are looking up.

Our lives are definitely looking up....the sun is shining, we went to church this a.m, our play room hasn't flooded all week and Maxi is having his big afternoon sleep hence I am blogging and we are tinkering in the office.
Yahoo!!! a moments normality in the insanely craziness we call life.

I have just gotten off the phone with my aunt in P.E, we are flying up there next week Wednesday for a week to see my old Oupa. Had it on my heart to see him, so I booked tickets and we're off. Timing is quite shot with Tersh having so many deadlines and his new designer going into hospital for a quick op on Tuesday. Flip have I done the right thing?
Maxi however is sooooo excited about flying in a real jumbo jet, although he has somehow gotten it in his head that we are going to "Australia to see the Sydney opera house with it's 30 stairs".....I dunno...I am stumped too??? Gotta love books, they certainly feed his imagination.

Just had a fab chat to my M&D on the phone. It is so nice to hear them so chirrup' y they seem to be settling down really well in their new housie and jobs in the UK. God is so good to the two of them and it is showing!!!! I miss them and look forward to visiting at the end of the year. I hear my boet and his wife in the UK are now officially UK residents...CONGRATULATIONS!! guys you deserve it.

Opps I must just dash and get Maxi, he has just woken up, Cheers!

......back again. The 'boy' is comfy on the couch with a little bakkie of sweets and an episode or two of kipper, so took the gap to take some piccies to goes:

A few piccies of the new "office" hey?

Tersh doing his Mr Wire it impersonation under the desk. View of the storage under the stairs:

My two beautiful boys!!!! Whats not to love?? Me & the hunnie looking beyadiful!!!!

The court yard with Tersh's dry river bed vibe. Look how well the freebee aloes are doing. The off cuts are thriving and all of them are making either x1 or even x2 flowers. Fab hey?

Mumsie look how well your herbs are doing....we transplanted them in pots and other interesting things and as you can see they are getting just enough sun, shade and water. Proud of us???? I hope so!!

Moeks doing his best
impersonation on one of those rides
at the supermarket. Cute hey?

Maxi with his sleep eyes on, mouth
stuffed full of marshmallows.

Well I can't get these piccies to line up how i want to....oh well! I am off to take Maxi down the road for a stroll. There is a Giant Excavator down the road clearing canals, so a visit is a must for any 3 yr old boy! will post a piccie later.

Chat later.

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  1. Anonymous27 May, 2007

    hi kimbo
    Yup M&D are getting sorted out and a few more weeks and theyll have settled in like they never left.
    Loft looks cool more pics please and let us know hows Oaps and Aunty.Unca Ian just left a week or two ago and it was fab to see him and sory to say goodbye.U.k is same ol stuff just interest rates have gone up 5 times in a year so the pinch is coming (more than usual) as mortgage has gone up £200
    in a year and the Bahamas deal still hasnt come through so we wait and see whats next....
    Bought a wake board finally and am stoked to get wet again but as always its raining and grey again.Had a shout (rescue) today and am just back and playing PS2 for a change.
    Have a good afternoon mkay
    xxx Stax


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