Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The perks of Winter.

Are any of you like me when it comes to winter???Fighting a love hate relationship......

* Bad~rolling out of your warm {bed} nest in the am only to be assaulted by 5 degree temperatures {who was it that suggested open plan living, with large glass doors was good???} Causing you to around wildly in search of your darn slippers. Trip and fall hard sidestepping odd debris, left on the floor by an active 3 yr old.
You spoil your track record for the new day by spewing nasty expletives and still can't find your give up and grab your husbands sneakers from the day before....euuuuw!
Fumble without glasses in the wardrobe for something...anything warm, to put on, in an effort to fend off the hypothermia. This accomplished you head to the basin forgetting the water from the tap is COLD. Hands, face and mouth are now without any feeling and shock is setting in.
You stumble down the passage desperate to get to the kettle. With great difficulty you manage to fill it and switch it on. Distractedly you lean against the kitchen counter, getting solace from the familiar hum of water boiling, relieved that in less than 60 seconds you can be holding a large mug of salvation. And your winter day begins.........

*Good~ Cold weather means more clothes....long clothes.....baggy clothes...good for hiding less than attractive bums and thighs...YAY! Oh and an after don't have to suck your stomach in either, unless the pants under the tent on top, are too tight and you want to be able to survive at least the next 3 hours by getting enough air.
You get to make fires in the day time too {unless your wood is damp and everything starts to pong like a camp site}.
The sunrises in winter are really beautiful, with the sun being at a lower angle in the sky and generally mist hovers over the ground until late, making everything glisten with dew.
You get to eat comfort food without guilt like sweet dinner rolls, soup, homemade seed rusks and steaming casseroles. Ever expanding waistlines can be hidden as mentioned above.

The process of rusk making proved to be rather "higher grade" and seriously time consuming. I even needed a bucket to mix the batter in. So my cuppa afterwards, was well deserved, to restore the strength to me poor arms......LOL!

The kids went berserk cleaning the bucket out afterwards and the end result {after a full day of drying out in the oven} is "to-dye-for-doll!". So anyone in the area, is welcome to stop in for tea and Rusks-ala-KJ. I will post the recipe sometime soon, if I remember.

But most of all, the best thing about Winter, is that Summer is but a few months away.

Thanks for enduring my nonsense. With my day's being hardly stimulating, I have a large number of "word quota" to use up, this is one way to do it.

Luv ya


  1. thoroughly enjoyed this post. made me laugh.assume your boy is much betta as you didnt mention any more drama?we off to book fair in Town tomorrow, should be fun! xx

  2. OI! Its been 4 days, am missing my FIX!!

  3. Anonymous21 June, 2007

    Really glad to see and hear that Maxi is all better, with kids writing exams I am battling to find time to get to visit maybe this afternoon. x

  4. Hi Kim! I will post my comment here cos, not being a scrapper (please Lord - don't let me get involved with that too!)much of what you said today is lost on me. Also (blush) for yesterdays one - what the heck is LO? (See why I'm answering THIS one?) Now HERE I can relate - and fold with laughter because of it! Great post! I didn't know I knew so many funny people - maybe it takes blogging to bring it out. Wot do you think? Thanks for visiting me -do come again..*grin*


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