Thursday, June 28, 2007

Play dates are necessary!

In case you were think I was talking about Maxi......I wasn't.

It was very own play date. Where adult conversation was had.....most of the time. I am a bit out of practice I discovered....but Mel {who was my partner in crime for the morning} was very polite about each lapse in conversation.....she didn't comment about my silly mumbling, she nodded politely...
but I saw it in her eyes loud and clear.....

"Ag shame! This girl needs to get out more!"

I appreciate your candor my friend....

We stopped in to see our hard working friend Jo who kept the hot coffee coming while we yakked about......yip you guessed it {SCRAPPING}. She is the South African agent for Autumn Leaves SA ......only the most delicious scrap stuff around

{barr my own new range DOODLE STUDIO that is}

After shooting the breeze for a couple of hours, Mel and I went on the hunt for the very elusive pigment ink. We found some in Obs {thanks JO X}

Afterwards we headed to a restaurant for big people....I don't know if you understand what that sand pit, no ball pit, no spit of any kind actually (or I hope so) We had a diet-free plate of pasta, spoke junk and then headed home. We arrived home at about 2.30pm.................
heeeheheheheh {note the slight delirium) .

In a world dominated by little people, days like these, of complete self indulgence are SOOOOO necessary to keep your sanity. Now all I have to do is convince Tersh that he needs to have a couple of these self-days too every now and then.

Oh a last thing. We ordered a half a bakkie load of wood yesterday for
a mere R260. T packed it beautifully underneath our fire place. I love the more homely feel it gives our lounge. So if anyone wants the number of the wood guy drop me a line.

Nice hey>>>>>>>>>>>>

Another nice pic for the family out there who pop
Moeks on some of the GoMoto bikes that Tersh has been photographing over the last week. He
was in boy-heaven and had to try each and every
one, more than once. Well folks got to go and try
and be useful somewhere.

Have a super-duper



  1. It was a gas wasnt it gal!Sooo looking forward to the next one...we will need it afta the hols. U must bring old Maxie to play, I cant guarantee that the girls wont scare the crap outta him but the more he visits the better it will get!!! I soooo want the number for the wood guy ok? Tx

  2. oi, dont leave us out in the cold. this is a friendly reminder to update your blog for your regular readers those who comment and those who dont!! The Brocks are due here any mo to help us with the garage, must dash and take "before"photos!

  3. ALMOST makes me wish I was back in those days, just to re-experience the rush of getting away from "the mom factor" and hanging out with a special buddy.
    I remember going for a toot after work sometimes with Theo instead of rushing back to kid-world. I remember thinking "I can SO relate to guys who get home after the small ones are safely asleep" (guilty blush!) OK Mel - I know you're going to read this - don't hold it against me!
    PS: Kim the stacked wood under your fireplace looks wonderfully folksy. Be singing rustic songs there before you know it!

  4. Hiya Kim, corry here finally getting round to checking out your blog and posting a hello, great pics, glad to be able to see your pages and keep up with the happenings in your life. And we've just come off a long long winter so if you don't mind, keep your firewood LOL. i hope its long time before i have to start a fire in my stove again. Cheers.


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