Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Do you have those Mr. Bean days?

I have been really deur-ma-kaar the last couple of days. Sort of mixed up and not very focus'd. Can't really put my finger on it except.........it feels all Mr. Bean-ish.

In times like this we have discovered a bit of

right around the corner.

Where you can breathe with deep gulps and think out loud without opening your mouth.
Where the sound of silence is
deafening and
you feel free.

~Silvermine estate Cape Town

Had a good weekend with Saturday being my brother Brian's official cake and jelly-jol for his B-day. Fun was had by all, loads of super yummy food was consumed in large quantities.

Most of all Maxi got his full of his Uncle Brian.

The guys watched "Lid" DVD's and 'Oooohed!' and 'Aaaahed!' over killer waves & killer moves and when we left, we all had that warm fuzzy feeling that happens when spending time with "OUR people".

Life these days is good. Slow but good. It is so easy to get consumed by the things that can potentially derail us, the trick is to keep reminding ourselves that this is not out home. This life is not meant to result in complete fulfillment but rather keep us questioning, seeking, striving to find the face of our Maker. We need to hold tight to those little moments of joy in each day that remind us of our fragile humanity. Like the face of a little boy happy and glowing after a marathon trampoline session, shouting "I can fly Mama!".

Have a "little moments" filled day.

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  1. What a stunning pic of your little boy. You must scrap it! Glad to see you back. Completely dropped the ball and forgot bout Theatre sports - so sorry!!!! Lets make it next Tues,Pumi will be back aswell cos at the mo we are stretched for sitters. Am somewhat sleep deprived as my little man in less than sleeping thru.....but he is much better.


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