Friday, July 06, 2007

Subject matter?

In case you were worried about my focus in life being a bit lob-sided.....i.e my delicious family and scrapping, worry no longer. I actually love to dwell on and be inspired by variety of other things

I won't bore you with a long tedious list.

I love modern, clean line deco, abstract art and black and white photography. Surprised?
I took these pic's the other day of some really cool spots. All of them overlook the Tygervalley Waterfront.....very stylish don't you think?

Have you ever heard of Flicr? it is basically a collective of other peoples photographs for the world to see. Some are really Nasty! but there are others which are fantastic to look at and appreciate. Like these:

I even tried experimenting with my cell phone in the hope of finding a cool photo trick {forgetting that they are really low res. and could never be printed out unless 5cmx5cm~dumbo!} I did achieve one or two really cool ones see>>>>>>>

Well folks thats all for today. Maxi seems to be getting sicker by the minute and he needs a shot on the nebuliser.

Chat soon.

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  1. Oh no, I didnt know Maxi was sick again, man you gotta nail this thing hey? Well, we are getting ready to batton the hatches for this freezing, wet weekend...Nah,am not going to Spier,going to Jhb in Sept so gotta keep things in perspective!!! Off to Namibia next Friday - yay!


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