Friday, July 13, 2007

Brave day!

Hello chaps! Hope your day is going OK?

I had an OK one. You will feel very proud of me today....I ventured out to the barn-yard with x3 kiddies......all by myself too! Admittedly I was nervous......all nature of scenarios were racing through my head as I got myself and the crew ready to leave.

I was stressing....believe me!

What do I do with them once I got there?, Will Max perform when I say "No sweets?", what if Max needs to go pee, what do with all the "stuff" I lugged there?", what if, what if what if......?

Heck! I thought, why am I doing this again?

Voice of reason told me to STOP BEING PATHETIC! and get in the car!!
I duly obeyed.

Once there, we all piled out. I had a kid in the left hand {car's in car-park you know!} Snack bag, Camera bag, hand bag and 20 changes of clothing bag all in the right hand. Thankfully Cas & Taylor were hanging onto each other, so I didn't have to worry about them much. We must have looked ridiculous to all the calm, relaxed, latte-sipping Mommy-types, already reclining @ tables at the Barnyard. I purposefully headed to the tables under the shade cloth, far away from any one else.....leaving me lots of runway for drama!

Admittedly it must have taken me at least half an hour to let go of all the bags and attempt to relax on my bench. Cas & Taylor very kindly played with Maxi for most of that time, which was a feat in itself given the "Grump attack" that had descended upon....Lord Fontelroy!
He has developed this weird {has to be hormonal} thing of late, which results in the poor little guy getting real acquainted with the very boring bathroom as punishment. Maxi gets loudly negative and makes his feelings known to whoever will listen, whilst smacking himself in the face {you read right, bit odd I'd say? any ideas about why he is doing this?}

E.G~ "I want nuffingk Mama, no nuts, no juice, no toys, no animals, no nuffink!!!" I want no lunch mama, no sand-witches, no sweets, no snacks....NUFFINK!!".

Heck, it is times like these I do an Almo Fud and say; "........HUH????"

Does he want to eat or doesn't he? One never knows, so cover all bases I say. I opened the snack box, poured juice {didn't know if I was allowed to...didn't see any signs and wasn't asked to leave}. He calmed down immediately.....s'ppose he was just hungry? But my question why he just doesn't tell me so? Geepers! all this drama, just to get at the peanuts and snacks.
Hope for his sake, this doesn't go on for very long because he is at the stage he just sees the "look" on my face and says: " I am going to the bathroom mama!" and {voluntarily too.} Shame I feel for the little guy. It sucks being 3!

Well now that I got horribly sidetracked....

The rest of the outing didn't go too badly. I relaxed enough to order a large mug of black coffee, take a few pic's and push Maxi on the swing {not taking my eyes off our stuff, for a split second}. Actually I am embarrassed to admit that the fear of our stuff getting nicked, got the better of me after a while. So to put my mind at rest I just packed the darn stuff us and left it next to the swing where we were playing.

I felt MUCH better!!! {no comments from the peanut gallery}

Sad hey, that I have gotten this paranoid? Is it just me or does everyone do stuff like this? Is it old age settling in, or a result of working in Woodstock for donkey's years? Is it the result of living in a crime ridden country, where you don't know if a visit to the spar is going to end in disaster?
Pray for me please, 'cos at this rate I won't last with the stress.

Well it has been a treat to post during the the day. Maxi decided to have an afternoon nap for a change. Yay! o-oh! I can hear him. Perfect timing.

Thats all for now, folks.
Chat again tomorrow.


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  1. Just great - luv the family pic in the bed, max looks like he's enjoying every minute keeping you guys awake hee hee :-) He looks as if he's saying "Gotcha" Loved his scomment about his veins....get a chess set....and quick.....


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