Monday, July 16, 2007


Hello folks! How was your weekend?

Mel...howz SWM? hope you are enjoying all the family and getting some R&R?

Our weekend was gr8 actually. Cas begged to say another night, her Mom agreed {through gritted teeth} and we took them to the Spur in Fishhoek for supper. Your eye brows probably hit your hairline right about now but we did it and lived. Yahooo!
They have a kiddies play area, movies and a play station room {grrrrr!} I had a peek inside..violence on every PC screen~not a good idea for anyone under 16, but what do I know?

Sat AM we bought freshly baked croissants, brewed some Kenyan special and kicked back, playing with the kiddie winks until Tersh had to leave. He met BC and dropped Cas off, leaving the rest of the day free for us to potter around at home. We carried on painting picture frames, laughed lots and generally speaking RELAXED! {not bad for us highly-strung Watson's~hey?}

Sunday.......we overslept and were too late to get to church {sorry Jesus...again ;o( }

We did however do something spontaneous and drive to Hermanus for the day, to see our friends, Dirk & Jeanie de Vynk. Moeks slept the whole way there. The first time he has slept in the car in about 8 months. We savored every second of peace in the car, which is very seldom.
It was lovely to see the De Vynks. They have a wonderful new house, Dirk has a fabulous job and they are loving their new Church, run by Nathan & Di Gernetsky. The children played beautifully together, with NO incidences, NO tears, NO was heaven.

The big people had lots of uninterrupted adult conversation, calm lunch and even a sedate coffee & koek in front of the fire. Tersh & I feel like we were at a spa for the weekend, such are the positive repercussions of time with friends and VARIETY!
Definitely the spice of life. Thanks guys!

At 5ish we bravely headed back to CT~ we were assaulted by TRAFFIC!! in the truest sense of the word. Everyone it seems decided to head back home at the same time as us, in time for school this morning. NB: they shortened the July holidays to two weeks. Well the trip was fairly easy, as long as I kept the food coming for the imp in the back. Nuts, pretzels, dried fruit, chippies, carrots {half a bag} & juice kept him happy until we got home at 19.15pm. The sunset from the N2 pass was spectacular and I managed to capture it on camera. The beauty of the Cape.......especially in the dark, when you can't see the miles and miles of squatter camp. Have you ever realised that sun sets directly behind Table mountain. Amazing for tourists and bloggers...hell for the drivers of the 1000's of cars backed up above Somerset West, waiting for the robots at the bottom.

Well guys have a blessed and happy day.
I will post again really soon.
Lots of luv

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  1. can't understand why you haven't got 3 postings but I will try again.....your blogs are fabulous fluff, its lovely to be able to stay in touch with blogs and skype and instant nice to see Dirk and Genie looking so well, the kids have grown hey!!? any more on the way?

    I don't miss that awful traffic one bit, although we have loads in uk, somehow its not the same. Cass is looking so pretty she is going to be gorgeous in a few years time, hope BC can cope and of course you KJ. Max I think is going to be a handful as the days go by, saw a tv program last night - get Max a chess set and keep that brain active.


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