Monday, July 23, 2007

Not so bad.

SECOND ATTEMPT AT POSTING THIS POST.....the gremlins ate my photos.

Hello to all out there who rea
d my blog and leave comments....oh and also hi to all out there, who DON'T LEAVE COMMENTS! see there are no hard feelings....not me......sweet liddle ole' me.

LEAVE COMMENTS DAMMIT! (no I am just kidding! I have been dying to do that tho')

It is so nice to see my luverly family leaving makes all this typing worth it.

In my last post I said I'd keep you posted on the 'G' thang. Well he phoned me in response to my letter, I was expecting fireworx but he was amazingly calm and he explained everything to me. Basically I didn't have all the facts and I flew off the handle prematurely. I felt quite bad 'cos I sort of indirectly said to him that he was being sneaky. Shame he said the last 2 months have been hell for him...that he wished he could take a pill, go to sleep for another 2 months and wake up to find all this had gone away and it was only a dream. Humbling stuff! He basically asked if I felt I could still trust him to do the right thing for us, if not he suggested I should speak to the factors for clarity on his actions. Apparently he can't do anything without reporting first to the factors.

Anyway enuff about friend Jo said my posts are too long, so I have got to be more focused and quick.

Weekend was OK, with minor trauma having Cass again this weekend. Next weekend she is turning 9 and is having an ice-skating party, so needs to be the "other side" for convenience.

She did get to play a bit with Taylor......her big bud from next door. Geepers, taking the two of them on their bikes and Maxi on his scooter; around the neighborhood, was about as stressful as it comes for me, just trying to keep them alive. Are all 8yr olds completely doff when it comes to riding in the road???? When do they 'grow suss' and learn that those big metals things that race around our neighborhood, can actually kill them if they make contact? Soon I hope otherwise, I am gonna be grey prematurely.

This is a pic of the two of them horsing in the long grass at the end of our street. That was until I mentioned the words: "Aaaaaah! DOG POO!", they went from 0 to100 in less than 2 seconds hahahahaha.....girls are so funny.

These are photo's of a typical Saturday AM in the Watson household. Missy lounging in our bed...and Max harassing Tersh. How not to do sit-ups without breaking the ole' Poep-string!>>>>>

The two of them play so nicely together.....cute pair hey??? Maxi is being stupid as usual. The poor kid is so sick and tired of my camera, he sees it and goes weird on me. Oh well entirely my fault I suppose, you know me go for volume...just in case.

Well time to try and work on some more scrap pages. I have got a ton to finish by next week.

Sleep tite.


  1. Am so pleased the G factor is turning out not be what you originally thought. Was great to see you earlier. Thanks for posting that pic of Russ and I...I think I may have to get you to edit my layout til I sort this nonsence out!! Realised I am also using firefox so I dunno what is happening. You up for a visit to Jo next week? Tues morn?

  2. Hija KJ
    Just got back from 'Spur' in Christchuch, had ribs, chicken and plenty salad h........mmmmmmm lic lic the fingers.
    Ag sis tog poor ol' G I'm glad that he phoned at least your email kicked butt and at least now you're in pic with him.....

    NO pics on the blog watzup!?? speak soon, lotsaluv Mumsy

  3. Just LUV the pic of Cass and Moeksie - she is looking so gorgeous isn't she? Mumsy


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