Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I am so happy I could


I got an email from CK this am, from someone called Lisa Ivey. She wants to use my "Snapshots" L.O I did for the Becky Higgins sketch section. This was the page that I got in only just in time for the deadline, so I am doubly thrilled.

Anyway other than that, I don't have much in the way of interesting or profoundly life changing news. My day was ordinary, it went a bit like this:

* woke up rather suddenly at about 7ish with a cute little; "hi mama I'm awake" and
promptly had a finger jammed up my nose, followed by peals of hysterical laughter. So my
morning began....
* breakfast cereal was eaten dry this am, by Maxi who matter-of-factly insisted....
"I like it crunchy,mama!".
* putting clothes on for school was a tough task as usual with commands being barked every 2
seconds. "No, mama not that sweater, I don't like it. I want the one with the red
rocket on it!" , "Not those pants mama, they are cold pants, I want ones with a
belt!", " I only like the brown 'cord-you-roy' shoes mama, they have 'val-crow'
on them".
And we thought we'd have it easier with a boy.....NOT!!!
* Maxi went off to school, over the moon at being able to see his little friend again. He even rode
around the paddock on Sparkle {the pony @ school} today without losing his lunch in terror.
His teacher could not believe her eyes.....maybe he is finally coming around on the animal
* Spent a couple of hours getting my head around the next couple of page submissions for CK,
checking emails and generally giving a convincing performance of looking busy but in actuality
just froo-froo'ed until Poepie finished school.
* Lunch~ didn't happen. Maxi wasn't hungry. Sleep~ didn't happen. Maxi wasn't sleepy.
* Mama became designated playmate for the afternoon. "Come talk the cars, Mama". If
only the little guy how much the mama hated "talking the cars". There are only so many
scenarios I can think up for the cars to have to deal with and only so many voice overs I can
come up with. Aaaarh! cars are boy stuff and I am way out of practice. I did however
persevere for about an hour and that was me done! I couldn't face the thought of being in the
playroom all afternoon, it was enough to send me into depression. So I got Maxi all psyched up
and we did the garden together. Mowed the lawn, raked the leaves, cleaned the pool pump
etc, etc. all in all loads of fun!
* Supper~bath~hair washing.
* PJ's.....marathon exercise chasing Maxi around the room armed with a large wooden spoon,
threatening him mortal harm if he didn't stand "still like a statue", so I could dress him.
Maxi sprinted around shrieking with joy at being able to get his mama so worked up and
ecstatic about getting a chasing game out of the whole exercise too.
* x1 story became x2 stories and in a moment of madness almost became x3 stories. Thankfully
I came to my senses and said ENUFF!!!
* Lights off~ surprisingly enough, not a murmur from the passage.
* Peace and quiet, hence my being able to blog right about now.

Well now that you have had a closer look at my day, you can shake your head and feel sorry for me.....heck! I feel sorry for me. But you know what, as tough as this transition has been, giving up my job, it is actually an answer to YEARS of prayer to get out of the clothing industry. So I must just shut-it and be grateful, don't you think???

Well it is 8.30 and there is silence in the camp, which means T & can get a bit of couch time and watch Hero's on TV3. Yaaay! a bit of sci-fi will go down very well.

Sleep tite guys.

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  1. just fabulous gerrrrllll - having spent 16 months with him in his growing years we know exactly whats happening with him - he is going to run you ragged :-] but you know what - you wouldn't have it any other my girl - just imagine if he was a Liam.....aaaaaaaa nnoooooooooo

    well remember back when you and T used to say 'we must keep him stimulated no pink and blue teddies and stuff, it had to be black white and the red colour is finally showing up -up up and awaaayyyy in my yelllloowwww ba-lloooooon - remeber the song, thats suits Max


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