Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogger!!!! whats going on???

Why is it that one minute it works then the next it doesn't??? My friend Mel is having a torrid time, anyone else struggling too? All I know is that somewhere out in cyber-space are hundreds of photo's {probably of the same thing}, floating around, without purpose or home because Blogger misplaced them. How does that happen.....will someone please explain this to me....preferably in baby computer talk so I can get it!!!

How much collective time is wasted, I wonder, fixing posts that previously were just fine???? 100's possibly 1000's of hours!!!
Grrrrrrr! makes me mad!

Well, now that I have gotten that off my chest I feel much better. I hope you are all well and having a fine day??? Maxi has just gotten home so I will sign off now.

Chat soon!!!


  1. Am totally p.o-ed with blogger and am seriously considering hanging up my blogging hat. Really sucks cos I love doing it but perhaps the "universe" is tryna tell me something! Like, I dunno, get a new laptop??? tee hee

  2. Luuurv the front page Fluff - Max what a boy he is truly gorgeous 'of course' from the Bam and pops

    Ok so you know what I was going thro with the blog and my pics....cyber space must be very congested!!

  3. I also had hassles posting photos and text, just thought my icon had disappeared didn't realise it was the task bar until I read Mel's blog. Stefanie

  4. Ok. Enuf now. Am missing my KJ-Starre fix. PLEASE POST SOON...XXX


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