Monday, August 20, 2007


Morning everyone....hope you had a relaxing weekend? We certainly did!!!! We decided to try and do something different and different it was!!!! Hence no posts this weekend....I just wasn't at home for long enough.

Sat was a freak~out for the highly strung Mama....we decided to spend the day on the beach with Brian & Landa. The guys would go surfing and the girls would hang out and watch that the kids didn't drown. I started off so worked up {do you know how much stuff I was able to convince myself we needed to pack just in case????? and I didn't have any serious food packed yet hahahaha!}. I calmed down once we were securely stationed on the beach,the kids were doing their thing and the blokes were in the water. Nothing like a bit of windless beauty, divine sunshine, snacks from heaven curticy of Landa, {GIRL YOU WERE A STAR!!!} & nothing but the quiet whisper of the waves to listen too........that is until the microlights started flying overhead and Maxi almost pee'd himself in excitement.

{Brian...Landa you guys were amazing with the kids.....thank-
you sooooo much for all the effort you made. You are the BEST!!!!!}

My darling Husband as tired as he was braved the freezing atlantic and surfed his brains out!!!! He was so amped from his surf that he has been on cloud 9 ever since. Ladies if your hubbies are getting a bit frayed around the seams, send them surfing!!!!! It does wonders for their general well being.

Only problem is it takes some seriously creative reasoning to convince them that they need to leave their laptops and head to the beach.
A happy hunnie clad in tight rubber...ooooh!
Go! Snakey Go!>>>>>

Sunday was just as much fun. We spent the day up at Pinehaven {above Simons town} with an old friend of Tersh's. There was plenty of space for the kids to run and explore, the blokes yakked like girls and the Mama took 400 photographs!!!! ~no jokes! The kids befriended an amazing border collie and we had such fun throwing a variety of sticks, pine cones and anything else we could find. She was tireless and played for hours, even tho' I am sure she was poop'd. Even Maxi relaxed enough to play with her and laughed like a drain every time she piled into a mud puddle, just because she loved to wallow.

The flowers were out in full force, making an amazing backdrop for photo's >>>>>

It was good for us to do stuff together as a family. It somehow helped us bond more, laugh more, be more of a family. A great way to prepare for a crazy week of deadlines @ Redline.

Enjoy your day everyone and I will chat tomorrow.


  1. sounds like we both got a bit of TLC and good family time under the belt. no wonder you were tired!

  2. Love the photos and the DOG, what a gorgeous border collie, you say a "she" very big for a female, so glad to see Maxi near a border collie.

  3. Such lovely piccies KJ its so nsice to be able to see the kids growing up instead of imagining - thank you skype guys you're amazing...wish we had sunshine over here, its been the worst summer for decades I believe....


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