Monday, October 15, 2007

Not much.

Not much happened this weekend. I am still trying to recover from this nasty viral thing I have had, so I kept a low profile this weekend & tried to do not much of anything.

I haven't scrapped much but did pop on to the CK message boards..........oh! what a surprise I got... have I been out of the loop!!!!! Howz the DRAMA with the one of the HOF finalists?? Apparently she {KC} broke one of the HOF rules by using photographs in some of her L.O's, taken by someone other than herself. Oooh! boy I am shocked at how aggressive some of the scrappers out there have gotten about the way the CK powers that be, are handling things. If the subject is Google'd.......there are some well known scrapping blogs that are screaming their opinions from the rooftops. Woweee! I am very glad I don't mix in those sorts of circles, cos right about now someone is bound to get a black eye with the amount of punching & back stabbing that is going on. I will watch the course of events with interest.

Anyhow....I am amazed to say that in the last 3 days I have taken all but 10 photographs. 8 of those were an attempt to get the perfect pic of Max for his passport renewal form. Boy I never knew how hard it would be to get him to stand still......haha! I am glad I was able to do the pic's myself.

The other pic being a funny one of Cas, horsing around in the bath. She was with us for the weekend & spent 80% of the time in the pool with some of her friends from around the neighborhood. Bearing in mind that is still just Spring here with the temps around 21 degrees and the water...even with solar bloomin' cold. I must be getting old because to my big toe the water felt like is was 10 degrees. Brrrrrrrr!

Well thats all folks...I have got a ton of mails to catch up with & my gap is small while Max is @ 'school'. So enjoy your day & I post again soon.



  1. cute pictures! and yeees the drama! it seems that there were atleast 3 of the layouts featured in the hof book were using niisa's pictures.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better...

  2. OK, so now I know what's going on. I just read Erin's blog where she said in light of what's happened no weekly digest. Glad now I am in the loop as well.

  3. it is ridiculous...I don't know who to "side" with, but I don't want to get involved


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