Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Peaceful life!

What a day! It was a SUPER early one for me with Max surfacing with the fowls......I was not impressed and refrained from reading him the Riot Act....which took enormous amounts of self control believe me. Yes you might have guessed I am still having trouble sleeping at night & this is with the replacement mattress. I gave them 3 days to come and fetch it & replace it with a Simmons OR ELSE!!! {shhh! I don't know what the "or else" is just yet but I am working on it}.

My child was very excited when I eventually succumbed to his polite harassment & dragged my pathetic carcass off the mattress on the floor {we put the mattress off the spare bed, on the floor, in our room last night, in an attempt to get some semblance of sleep} & shuffled to the kitchen. It took 3 rounds of Leap-pad ABC , the shlurping "G" gorilla page more specifically, to clear the fog & I realised where I was. I made SUPER strong coffee & put the sprinkler on the newly mown lawn. Now bearing in mind it was 6.40am by this time........
Max saw the sprinkler & in a twinkling of an eye was starkers & streaking across the lawn through the sprinkler. Yowzer.....the water must have been freezing....it comes from the mountain straight out of our well point. Oh the joy of childhood!


We have a new addition to the ever growing collection of boy paraphernalia that litters our house..... a blue big boy bike! It was a happy day on Saturday morning when we hit Sportsmans Warehouse for the long awaited bike. It has no peddles but once Maxi gets his balance they can be attached. Yay! no training wheels to deal with.

He got the hang of it straight away! On one of our walks Maxi looked up at us and said:

"Mum & Dad, I LOVE this bike!" "I am SO excited!" "I have my excited face on because I am SO happy!"

The joy on his face, was enough to quench the sting of the price of this little baby. Nothing but the best for our kids, hey??

Earlier I mentioned "fowls".....well on that subject, I saw something quiet amazing this weekend. We took Maxi up the road to the Barnyard {a restaurant/petting farm} where I saw this amazing sight. A mama hen with her babies......but they weren't chickies, they were ducklings. She was scratching in the soil like a chicken does, then the ducklings would come forward to peck like a chickie. Fine for them on solid ground but what when they hit the water for a dip????? Water wings for the mama???? Nature's amazing isn't it?
(this is the biggest I can get this pic to load....why I have no idea...but you get the gist}

On the scrapping front...I finished a cute one of Cas yesterday, no scan as yet tho' & I have another one that I am struggling with.....a double page...sort of digi vibe but my biggest problem is that I just can't seem to find any decent boy embellishments that aren't the predictable. I wish we had better online stores in this country, with more current stock. Oh well even more reason for me to get my act together before we go to Canada. I must buy online and have it sent to Toronto for me to bring back with me. Hmmmmm! that means the world is literally my oyster....oh credit card where are you dear????
Unless some avid scrapper out there has a well kept local secret shop that I need to know about. I need ideas girls!

Well I'm off to Pick 'n Pay yet again.....I could have shares in that place I am there so often.
Have a lovely day. Chat soon.


  1. The no pedals thing is absolutely brilliant! I love the streaker shots, even have a few of myself in the nick at that age. We have to keep Raymond Ackerman happy, don't we doll? Having said that only the photo shop people actually great me by name...

  2. The chicken is so cute, wonder what she will do when these babes get big? x


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