Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's Back!

I ran out of internet cap 2 days ago....frustrating having to wait until today to post again.
So whats been happening, in your lives??

Nothing to really report on my side except I finally did all my filing. You know all that stuff that gets rammed into your mail box everyday, that you never know what to do with....well that stuff. I have it accumulating for months, in cupboard no. 13 {the one that closes with the help of large pieces of duct tape}. The surprising thing was that most of it ended up in a garbage bag to be thrown out....I wonder how many trees 'died' to produce all that rubbish???? Sad but part of the circle of life I suppose! and the rest was mostly bank mail.......& insurance. BORING! to say the least.

The highlight of this feat, was I found my CK cheque for the 1st page they published of mine. I had 'lost' it & had no idea where to start looking.....I suppose cupboard 13 should have been the obvious place to start! LOL!

I have managed to get quite a lot of scrapping done lately...but alas no pics yet....maybe I will get a chance to post them later...still got to scan them etc,etc. The trick I find is to have photo's already printed & waiting.....I did a whole marathon fix & print session last week, so had pic's for 5 pages ready. Such a sense of achievement to get them done in almost no time at all. With my life being SUPER uninteresting at the moment......I am grateful for our 'hobby' it keeps me sane!

Yaaaay! 5 weeks and counting until we fly......I am so excited I could just pop! Yes I know we have our hopes set on Tersh finding a job to facilitate us moving there....but I also have made peace too with the fact that it might not happen....& that's OK too. Tersh has also had some interesting offers from the UK, so there is other avenues to pursue if when we get back to SA, we find we still want to move. I will keep you posted tho'.

Anyhow lovelies.....I must go & be useful make supper or something.....but it is only 11.30am why now??? All part of being a SHAM I suppose....this is where I have my AAAARHH! face on.



  1. Cheque in the mail - fantastic check that that is a check and not a cheque!!! We are going to miss you in Dec. All that paper should be put into one bag and kept for the recycling. I will sms you his no. xxx

  2. Welcome back, you were missed. Between Josh and I, we only used 67% of our 1 gig. Partly at least to telkom's on again/off again ADSL.


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