Sunday, November 04, 2007

The x3 B's!

{I need to warn you....there are Gremlin's in the fonts again.....look @ all the sizes hahahaha!}

My weekend went in installments of "B's".....sort of like this but in no particular order!

* Brats *Baking *Bikes

I nearly went off my head with the kids this weekend....yes it was raining most of the time & that probably compounded the problem. I dunno if it just me but I sometimes wanted to hit my head against the wall in frustration at their inability to do anything without an adult lurking in the vicinity to cheer them on. We had Cas too which meant we had a menagerie of neighborhood girls under the age of 9yrs through our front door in a continuous stream, adding to the already ridiculous stress levels. Especially as Max was completely hyper @ having his sister for the weekend & Cas & the friend of the moment insisted on swimming....yes in the rain....& yes it was freezing! {Please note round about here that Tersh is a one-thing-@-a-time kinda guy.....I will say no more}. Now not only did we have 2 rug-rats to 'baby-sit' but 3 & sometimes 4 with Cas doubling up on any friend who was prepared to share her company with another. I vowed that if I heard the word, I would do something discouraged by most Parental self help know the ones...with the lovely unstressed mommy gazing into the doe eyes of her beautifully passive toddler. HA! I say...we underestimate the limitations of a photograph in the hands of a Photoshop fundi!

That word being:

Hey you!

I actually thought I was going to lose my marbles....PLEEEZZZ can someone put me out of my misery & re-assure me that they will actually get to the point sometime in the very near future when we can all actually do our own thing alongside each other & get from start to finish in an afternoon?????

To drown my woes & keep me distracted I baked....& baked.....& baked.

....................... Muffins, Scones, Bread & Bread rolls.


The problem I have now is what the heck do I do with a kitchen full of baked goods??? Because my thighs seriously won't be needing any of it any time soon!

The next "B" so to speak was Max & his new bike. It is weekend which means the ever present parents had to make a plan so Poe
pie could ride his Blue bomber. The challenge being that our house rule is "No bikes inside".....OK I got worked! I caved!
Mum & Dad.....I can hear that hysterical laughter! but what was I supposed to do Hmmmmmm?

Rain....bored....frazzled parents..... :o(

We moved the dining room table to the side of the room & let him ride inside. Thankfully there was no lasting damage, except for black tyre skid marks on the floor. He was ecstatic & we got the reprieve we so badly needed.

Blissful Bike rider in full biker regalia:

This photo is one of max after he informed me......I will not
look @ your camera anymore Mama!!!

No need to worry about my mental state folks.....there is silence in the halls which means things are definitely looking up. Cas went home & Max was fast asleep by normality returns. I have a renewed respect for all those parents of more than one child, consider yourselves Mexican waved!!!

Anyhow, I am about to plonk my backside on my comfie leather couch, arm myself with a plate of home baked goods,chuck back a large mug of vanilla coffee & hopefully watch some "one-eye'd-monster".




  1. They do eventually get old enough to amuse themselves somewhere quietly or far away loudly (if they know what's good for them), don't know so much about the working alongside quietly but hey!carry on in that reality if it's working for you. Love the idea of muffins and coffee...Mmm my kitchen is bare, the cupboards filled with boring stuff no-one wants to eat on a Sunday night. We ate all the pancakes yesterday ;P

  2. good on ya for making it through. i feel your pain - you know I do....

  3. Oh, I wish I could hop over and help you...those rolls look heavenly, did you brush the top with egg white or butter??
    Yes, I totally understand what you mean...thankfully we don't have neighbors traipsing through our house...our 2 little ones are enough!

  4. Wow I didnt know you could bake!! Shall we call you Izzy from now on ha ha. Toothpaste works well on the skid marks. x

  5. Who is Izzy? A friend of Martha Stewart? I have some marks I am going to get Viola to put toothpaste on right now.

  6. Izzy, dear heart is only the sexiest star of Grey's Anatomy. When she needs to think or just go numb.... she bakes muffins by the truck load. Jo.... Izzy I can be. Meredith I can't...or won't...heck that girl must be hungry!!!!!!!! & boy she needs to lighten up.



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