Monday, November 05, 2007

Scrappin good!

I've been scrapping quite a lot I thought I'd post a few of the 'non-submittable' ones {as in the ones I don't think are up to scratch for magazine submission}. Thanks to our "Aunty Jo", Autumn Leaves product features a usual. The freedom of having photo's already printed & waiting is what allows me to get pages done in super quick time....I mean these three were completed in x2 mornings...which is saying something for a slow coach scrapper like myself.

Beware....shredder @ work!!!
A concoction of AL P.P's which I cut up to create
embellishments. Hows that cute face???

Le Artiste!~
I used fabric paint to create the background P.P & cut up
sticker packaging for the red & white frame.

Goggle mania~
this little darlin' had me stumped for ages. It started as a
double L.O & ended up single, so the photo's are too big for a 12x12
but it didn't end up too bad. Admittedly not my best L.O hahaha!

Yip, I know these L.O's all have Max in is just that the others I have finished have been sent to some mag's for consideration, so I'll have to post them at a later stage. Well I have got 25 minutes until lights out so I must go now...I have a L.O to finish before my brother & his wife arrive on Wednesday...they are flying in from the UK. It has been nearly 3 years ago that they visited us, so we are all flippin' stoaked!!!

Nitey-nite! Chat soon!



  1. Fun LO's ! great to scrap a bunch at a time just because you can. good on you. I didnt even know Steve and Mands were coming out? FAB! Will I still be able to catch you in the morn tomoro? I have to go get paper from Jo so I cld meet you there or come past you on way home.

  2. super cute layouts... love the shredder at work... I love all those autumn leaves products... the artiste is cute too... love to capture their early art... and the googlemania.. oh my goodness, how super cute is that?!

    btw, I had a great time in seattle for CKC, and am glad to be home wiht my family and seeing what my friends have been up to...

    have a great day!

  3. I wish Auntie Jo was near us...she sure is generous. What's that blue thing in "goggles"...something recycled? It's SO cool. I love these layouts. Have a great time with your brother and his wife!

  4. THanks Marfa!! I also love the los Kim, quite relaxed submit them you may be surprised. See you soon, ps please send me the al los so I can put up on the site.

  5. I have to say I love them too. Just want to know what P.P is? OK so you can call me doff, patterened paper? It took me a while to get LO,DH, SIL,MIL, BFF some us need a glossary of terms so we can all speak the same abv.


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