Thursday, November 29, 2007

...and then he sang. {NOT!}

Today was Maxi's Christmas concert at play school. He was excited & had been 'practicing' his songs all week, {with out provocation from me, I might add} but all by himself, as he went about his business of playing.

This lead me to believe today would go smoothly.......
I was naive!!!

We arrived on time, having dropped Maxi at school earlier this morning. The teachers had gone to an enormous amount of effort to make things look bright & festive,with decor, refreshments & seating around the little stage where the kiddlets would be performing. The performers themselves, were no where to be seen.....or heard now that I think about it.
At the allotted time, the door of the little sch
ool house opened & out emerged a troupe of little mini carolers, wearing their santa hats & ringing bells. The excitement could be seen on their faces as they obediently filed down to the 'stage' area...except for one kid at the back {shame} that I couldn't see....but we sure did hear him. I felt a pang of sympathy for the parents of that boy & was glad that my Maxi was a well behaved little tyke & wouldn't do that.
I scanned the group, looking for
Maxi so I could take a photo or ten of him, as all good mothers are supposed to do, especially mama's who scrap, but I couldn't see him anywhere. It was around about that moment that the realization hit me, I couldn't see Max because he was THAT KID, the one at the was my child shouting JINGLE BELLS @ the top of his lungs & racing around like something was after him. It was then that I chose to hide behind Tersh & wondered if anyone knew that I was his mother.

Eventually the teachers managed to get their charges seated & the show began. Julie narrated & on queue the children sang the appropriate song {well in a fashion, after all they are all still little}.
My son who {thankfully} was at the back on the left with all the older boys, did NOT sing. He jiggled, pulled faces, made raspberry noises, pulled his santa hat down over his face, at one point the shouted out that he thought "EVERYONE MUST JUST GO HOME!!!". Again I hid behind Tersh & wondered if anyone had worked out the paternity of the unruly child at the back yet.

Over all it was lovely & went very well, considering they are still so small. Having both parents of every child plus most of their nanny's too gawking at them, must have been just short of a freak out for most of the children. 80% of the children handled the overwhelming situation like STARS.....the other 10% {including Max} did not. At three, this is to be expected I suppose. I never thought I would fall prey to the over-zealous-mommy-expectation thing.....we learn about ourselves every day...don't we.

The arrival of Santa bearing gifts, did wonder
s to put a smile on even the grumpiest of dials. Again Maxi had to do it his own way......he couldn't be bothered to wait until Santa called his out name to receive his present but opted take matters into his own hands & rifled through Santa's bag until he found the gift with his name on it. He then sat unfazed & opened it.

My child..........unique..........different........& in hindsight,
very entertaining.

Situations like these are good for us.......they put 'hair on the chest' of even the most resilient of parents.....& so we learn.

The face of triumph!!

There's always next year.


  1. Absuhlutelly Fahbulous images Doll, with such dry humour as well.
    Love the post.
    Will have to ponder the postman for Jesus angle though.

  2. love those pics, isn't it funny though, how sometimes they don't react how we'd expect?!

  3. And so we grow....Me? I am an old pro and the unexpected!!!

    Postman for Jesus KJ? Shoo wee!

  4. Too cute I remember those days fondly.


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