Friday, November 30, 2007

Profoundly Max!

The other day we went to the mall....not my most favourite of chores, especially as Max was with me....not his most favourite past-time either. As a reward for good behaviour he could choose a toy from the Crazy store (bearing in mind it is the equivilant of the $ store & anything purchase there has a very limited lifespan). He chose a fishing rod, complete with magnetic hook & 5 colourful fishies to catch.

He was in-love......the wrappings came off as soon as we were in the car. He fiddled, reeled & had loads of fun 'catching' his fishies all the way home. We pulled up in the drive & Max was getting seriously worked up in back, trying to get himself unbuckled from his car seat. He was desperate to get out of the car. I, sensing impending drama, hastened the process & bundled him inside the house, expecting an urgent toilet trip or something. I was wrong.......Maxi bolted past me into the kitchen, straight to the drawers where I keep the tupperware. I by this time had realised he was on a mission & asked:

Me: Baba, what's going on?

Max: I am very busy Mama!

Me: With what honey, can I help you?
Max: I need to find a bowl Mama. My fishies need a bowl!
Me: Oh, sure but why babes?

Max: They need to be in the water, cos they can't breathe!
Me: Oh, yes you are so right...silly me!

Once the fishies were safely deposited in their new home {one of Max's juice bottles}, only then did he relax & proceeded to spend the whole afternoon, gazing into his 'fish tank'.

I never knew, he knew, about fish needing to be in water to be able to breathe. Once again I underestimate the power of learning via verbal 'osmosis'.



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