Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting creative.

Samantha is a friend I met on the CKMB. She is a creator of cards & other lovely things. If you get a chance pop onto her blog to see some of her creations. Anyhow.....as you all know i am not much of a card maker.... for no reason in particular, other than I just haven't done it much. After seeing some of Samantha's cards, I was inspired to try. Luckily it coincided with Mel's Birthday, so it was a perfect opportunity to make one for her.

This was the result.
{The hardest part of the exercise, was photographing it afterwards haha!}

The cover, I stitched & stamped.

Inside is a contrast colour insert, that I secured with a
ribbon tie through the spine of the card & a photo of Mel
with my message.

While I am show casing this card, I thought it a good idea to post some pic's of a little exploding box I made for Cass a little while back. It was something for her to take home with her to remind her that we love her. Don't be put off it, looks far more complicated than it really is. If you are keen to try & make one too, here is a link for an "Exploding box " that I found on Samantha's blog. It is an amazing alternative to a mini album, for someone near & dear and it holds loads of little photographs & allows you space to journal too.

I hope this helps? Have a super day!


P.S For anyone interested in Maxi's passport saga......it CAME yesterday....Yahoooo! that means were are definitely off to Canada next week. Yowzer, I can't believe it is next week already, the time has flown super fast !!!!!!


  1. Yay, home affairs did it! Wow, just days til you go. U betta update your blog from there girl....

    Totally gonna do this exploding box thang - looks fab fab fab.

    Love the catalogue photography btw...


  2. Stunning post and so worth the wait.. (hint: my birthday is the 22nd of July)I am going to miss your posts so I do hope that you update from Canada. Glad the passport came in time, chewed fingernails and all.

  3. Which site and what's the URL? Like I should be sitting here any longer...

  4. http://samanthawelch.blogspot.com/
    Oh, the card is simply beautiful and I would LOVE to get an exploding box like that...did Cas like it? I just wouldn't think of giving one like that to someone her age, but she'll appreciate it even more when she gets older, I'm sure!
    How long are you staying in Canada? God keep you all safe on your trip!!!


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