Monday, November 26, 2007

My heart goes out!

SA has been experiencing the most unbelievable weather in years. It supposed to be summer, warm & dry. Well things haven't quite worked according to the usual plan....we have had ridiculously high amounts of rain which has resulted in flooding along huge areas of the East coast. This area is where most people I know head {including our family} during holiday season for time, on the beautiful beaches, rivers, forests & wine lands.....well look @ it today~

Sedgefield, Groote Brak, George, Glentana all look like this~

There is a speed boat racing down the main N2 highway here....
I never in my lifetime thought I'd see something like this~

My heart goes out to family, friends & strangers who have been effected by this disaster. Those who have lost homes, businesses & possessions, I pray for you for strength to see this horrible thing through.



  1. And people still dont take global warming seriously.

  2. Oh that was me btw - mel. Blogger will only let me post anon today.

  3. Oh my goodness! That's terrible. I had no idea that SA was in a state of emergency. I'm sorry to hear that all of this is happening. Prayers and hugs going your way :)

  4. I too never realised that the flooding was that bad, I never watch the news so thanks for keeping me in the know too. It is really tough out there...

  5. I got a lovely package in the mail today...and I can't wait to try one of the new recipes...thanks so much!!!


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