Sunday, November 18, 2007

New school!

It was open day @ Maxi's new school he will be attending next year! He is SO excited, especially as x2 of his favourite friends from his current school are joining him there too.

We arrive......Maxi is anxious to get inside.....

Rows of keyboards...right up Maxi's alley
{not that he is in anyway computer literate...yet!}

Max & Josh getting down to some serious playing......right up until
Max decided the room was too messy & tidied up. His new teacher is
going to take full advantage of this newly discovered skill of his was the glint in her eye that did it!

His new teacher Aunty Sue.

Beautiful big yard with enormous trees, to play in, with a myriad of play apparatus.....just what an energy charged boy needs to blow off steam before coming home to the weary mama.

I know he is going to love it there. They have a "play ball" teacher & a drama teacher come once a week too. The Lord really intervened for me here because as of a little while ago I had no idea where we were going to send him.

Our God is indeed GOOD!!


  1. That's great! Looks like he will have a great time at his new school :)

  2. The playground looks stunning, haven't seen anything like that out here, huge shade trees and green grass, fabulous.
    Sorry about the link, the www and no .com ;< technically challenged, am I.

  3. how awesome for him... just wondering is she really an aunty? or do you just call her that? Did you know it is very common in Hawaii to call non relatives, but close family aunty? (OR uncle if appropriate)

  4. I was wondering the same thing, is she really an "aunt" or is that what they call their teachers? So, it's in a church? I think that's wonderful. When does it begin? I guess it's summer break for most of the kids who are in school right?

  5. Lucky boytjie!

    I dont always comment cos of the irritating word verification process that both u and Stef have on your comments. As you know I am time challenged so it drives me nuts. BUT, I check your blog every day! Love it.

  6. Hello - its wednesday now and time for another posting...

  7. Max is going to do so well there KJ


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