Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't feel like it.

Sorry Stef, I just don't feel like blogging today......I will try tomorrow when I finally get through my to-do list.



  1. Blog when you wanna. Never feel the pressure. Even when I moan at you. Or Stef or Jo....U got so much on your plate. However we do want to hear from you when YOU ARE IN CANADA! Yee Haa!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up - even that makes me smile.
    Hello to you too.

  3. Hi! thanks for stopping by my brand spankin' new blog. I can't believe you live in South Africa! that's like Mars to me...the farthest away I've been from home is NYC and Alaska...Thanks for your kind words too. I will be adding more layouts, since I scrapbook ALOT!!! I just started blogging though (I believe it was this Monday), so there will be more to come...

  4. hey!

    jsut getting back to you, PM me @ teh CK site and I can give you my info. I want yours to so this is perfect!

    Pm me @ hickschick


  5. I have those days, too! Just sit back and relax and blog when you feel up to it!! Miss ya :)

  6. Hello, am I missing another good scrapper's site? Who is Inara from the other side of the Mars? Would I like her stuff too. URL please girl...xNosyx


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