Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hiya doing??

Hello guys from the frozen North. Yip we are here, we arrived in one piece, a bit tired but extatic to be in Toronto. I don't have much time to post right now...we are sitting eating oats porridge with the whole family & it is so cool!!!! The ground is covered in is seriously cold is FANTASTIC!

I have no pic's as yet because we have no camera with us. Shock, Horror!!!! no camera, that is because we did'nt pack one. The plan is to buy a compact here....mall here we come.

I will hopefully post again soon


  1. Hiya, thought I'd check just in case and whaddaya know there is a post. Glad you arrived safely. Thanks for the sms, mine to you wouldn't send :< We struggled with 28C that felt like 40 today. Tonight much cooler.
    Jody won Idols can you believe it and I did two scrapping pages.
    sleep well.

  2. I'm glad you arrived safely. It's pretty cold over here, too! We might get snow. I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

  3. Yippee...glad to hear all went well, you better share some pics, I can't wait to see what Max does with the snow.

    Is oatmeal new to said it's so cool...or is it the fact that you're with family?

  4. Thanks KJ, T & M, you all arrived safely, and yip oat meal is G8 especially with butter and honey


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