Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great time.

OK....so blogger wasn't working yesterday! VERY IRRITATING!!!! nothing would load...text or otherwise. Today it works....I dunno!
So here goes....again... hahaha!
Hi there everyone.....hope you are all well & happy?? We had a fun full weekend of much kuiering (translation~visiting) & getting out & about, so I just wasn't up to blogging much. I have a million & one pic's to post, so grab a coffee, get comfie & prepare yourselves for a 'Watson' expose'.
On Saturday, we ventured down the West Coast to a Farm stall/Petting Zoo for lunch with the children. They had such fun playing ....while we ate delicious fare....relaxed & generally recharged.
Yum!! lemon/meringue pie....Tersh's fav! Not my thing I am thankful to say!

Treats for the kiddlets.....candy floss for Cas & a cookie man for Max.

On Sunday....we ventured up the mountain to Tokai forest for a family picnic. It was idyllic! There was not a breath of wind, the temp's were perfect & the kids were on their best behaviour. They played, I took photo's & we walked & walked. The fresh air really clears the mind. It was a great way to prepare for a hectic week for Tersh.

Well now that you are all saturated with photographs of the Watson's, I hope you are enjoying your week.


  1. Sjoe, I must be doing something wrong, because we hardly ever get out like that!

  2. I loved the photos - my fav the one of Max between the brances of the tree. Lovely post and much ammo for further scrap pages I'm sure. Will have to join you for some fun again when we get back SA side.

  3. gorgeous kj, we also did a forest thang...saw plenty of 'peter rabbits' and 'squirrel nutkins' wish Cass and Mister Blister was with us. we're enjoying the sunshine until this weekend when its going to be wet wet wet....

  4. I love all those pictures, and what other way to enjoy my week than being saturated in some watson goodness! :) love that butterfly shot, the pie.. the kiddies smiling with their candies... is candy floss like cotton candy? spun sugar, melts in your mouth, very messy? hee hee, I love that stuff!

  5. That butterfly landed on your finger? How cool....I love hikes like that and a picnic. Yum, I have to admit I love lemon meringue pie. I have sweet tooth...about the only thing I'm not crazy about are Oreo's.

  6. Wonder what happened to you! Great pics as usual. x


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