Thursday, April 10, 2008

Date with Maxi!

I took Maxi out for lunch today! We hit Bizzy Bodyz...ate toasted sarmi's & drank Pepsi & cream soda....then Maxi went wild with the other kiddies, while I pulled out my April CK & read it from cover to cover. Incredibly civilized I might add.....well for a total bill of R70, I was determined to get my $'s worth. Max had a ball....& an hour & a half I strapped him into the car exhausted, sweaty & mighty happy. He was in fact singing as loudly as he could with his head out the window.....this is evidence if any of his state of mind......10/10!!

It is Maxi's birthday on the 1st May & he already chose his birthday present....don't you love Chinese flashes, jiggles & the people inside, dance. Shame, Max was so sweet,he saw this plane in the toy shop the other day & fell in love with it. He said that if I bought it for him, that is could be his birthday present. I agreed of course but I just don't have the heart, not to give him something to open on his actual birthday, so I might get him some thing else too. I'll have to put my thinking cap on :o)If you are wondering what happened to my child's hair.....I attacked it with water & a brush....he woke up with a dandelion head. I couldn't let him go out like that could I? Hahahahaha! poor kid!
This pic is for my Mum & Pops....see I do let him eat chocolate. The novelty of being able to eat a whole chocolate bar, lasted about 2 minutes. He handed it back to me melted, sticky & hardly nibbled, saying: "This is too messy mum, I need a cloth! I'll swap you for dry sweets, OK!".

Another parental duty ticked off the list....Tried a whole chocolate bar X (doesn't dig it...yay!)
Sleep tight, I'm off to bed...I need sleep!
(scrappin' too late the last couple of nights...had a project)



  1. I didn't want to tell you that I wasn't crazy about the "header" you had on last week....but I LOVE this new one!

    Your lunch looks delicious!!!

    I had to look up R70...and see it's like $10. You should get it free since you've been pubbed in their mag so much lately!

  2. I agree, last weeks header was not you KJ, but lurv the latest...glad Max is not too keen on choc.

  3. I love the new header. But totally dug the vibe of last weeks aswell. Except that the pic made you look a bit like Bono! Sounds like such a fun day for you guys. Great post.

  4. I do love this new header too! love the pictures... :) i can't believe that maxi didn't love that chocolate! and I am guessing that you meant lunch was R70? I googled that and it said $9...

  5. Your photos are stunning as always! Isn't it great that there are such a lot of restaurants that are child friendly!

  6. What's up Doc?
    Missing your usual "weekend round-up" post.


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