Monday, May 19, 2008


I found one, a beaut of a typewriter and it only took x2 thrift shop stops. Not only is it in perfect condition but is came with a carry case & manual too..........all for the incredibly ridiculous price of
R25=$3.29..... I'm not joking :o)

After a few trial runs, I think I am getting the hang of it. Crazy tho', that in this day and age of technology...I had to phone my Mum for instructions on how to use this little' darlin' LOL! So watch this space, as soon as I have done a project using it I'll post here.
A pic' of Maxi going 'BOY!' on a money ride. (This plane is called the Red Baron after the Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who was an extremely successful fighter pilot during World War I. Credited with shooting down 80 enemy aircraft and preferring to fly a brightly painted red airplane, Richthofen became popularly known as the Red Baron.) The only reason I know this is that Tersh chatted to an elderly man whilst we were watching Maxi. It turns out, he flew these types of planes in the First world war & knew all about the Baron Manfred von Richthofen. Isn't amazing, the interesting people you pass in the street on a daily basis & never even realise the stories they carry with them.

Here's some more L.O's for you to look at:
Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!!


  1. WOW what a bargain. I actually thought you were looking for something even older. I can give you a few typing lessons? LOVE the LO of Cas and the old dear at the shops - priceless.

  2. wow, I thought I was going to be the first comment. ha, snooze you lose. I love the layouts! especially the HULA, but you already knew that. Max looks sooo happy in that plane. all boys really are alike, aren't they. Okay, so I am heading off to bed now. :)

  3. Congrats on the typewriter. You scored. I love talking to those who "have been around". Makes your day doesn't it. Great pics.

  4. I love the partial to pink LO - but you knew I would too hey?
    I also thought you wanted an ancient typewriter not one to type on but one to look at, come to think of it, it wouldn't really match your decor? I'll just have to wait and see.
    The pics of your pilot son are awesome and the story about the red baron very good too. Thanks for the lovely post.

  5. me, the kind that has circular buttons for each letter & all black....but for $3 I'd definitely take that typewriter. You can put almost any size paper through it, I bet you love it. I think the "partial to pink" layout is awesome, too...great large photo and little pics.

  6. Clearly I know you would not buy a typewriter just too look at because that is CLUTTER. And you dont do "stuff". I cant wait to see what you do with this baby!

  7. Wow...what a great deal...
    I LOVE my old typewriter and I NEED to use it more...

    Love the layouts....awesome as usual!!! The partial to pink I can totally relate too...having two girls...LOL!!!


  8. Hey, this elderly WWI guy must be a good few years over 100 years-old!.... considering WWI ended 90 years ago. mmmm sounds a little suspicious to me.

  9. Those LO's are fantastic and yay for finding a typewriter!!!

  10. Awesome typewriter!! You better be careful spending money like that!! LOL :) I would like to get an older typewriter to put in my scrap room one day. I think they add such character and charm to a room.

    Lovely LOs, as always!! That Hula one makes me smile :)

  11. I must admit that seeing the photo of the typewriter brings back some not so good memories of when I still had to type! Hope you enjoy it, I am sure I would once I get over the bad memories! LOL


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