Friday, May 16, 2008


It is 8am, I am on the couch, sipping vanilla coffee & sorting photos, while Max watches Little Einsteins. It is a beautiful Autumn day (if you can call 23C Autumn-ish) outside, with the sun shining. Our weather is so weird these days with it being 14C one day then 30C with fire warnings the next??? Here in SA our homes don't have internal heating or double glazing, so it gets cold inside really quickly...hence we or should I say 'I', am a complete ninny when my feet & all other sticky-out appendages go numb from cold. The grouch sitting in 15 layers of winter woolies & large gorilla slippers....that would be me!

I am looking forward with anticipation to this morning because Tersh, Max & I are heading out this morning, for a bit of a look-see @ some second hand & junk stores. I have my heart set on finding an old type writer, so if any of you guys see one in reasonable ' nick', please let me know, OK! Now all I have to do is dear my sweet, lazy husband out of bed!

I know many of you girls are heading into summer....& I assume you should be starting your summery scrapping too. I have done quite a bit of scrapping lately, so I thought I'd post a few L.O's over the next little while for a bit of inspiration.
These two aren't recent but really cute enjoy!And I have been carding some more (are you proud of me Sam :o) I am really loving how cards are such a great way to use up off cuts & are so quick to do that all it takes is 10 minutes & they're done. It doesn't take much effort to be able to send some scrappy love out into the world.
Well everyone that's my post...I really hope you get to relax a bit today too!
Chat later.


  1. Hiya KJ - I get to be first!! back in the office this morning 3 Staurday's in a row is NOT on...anyway our Saturday will be Lymington market, and a long walk down on the seafront at the harbour tomorrow we'll do car boot. Enjoy your relaxing day and hugs for our Max

  2. Max is such a CUTIE! Love the LOs, and love that he likes them spicy! It must be the Mexican gene that I send visiting around the world every once in a while! ;)
    I can relate to the cold house. In Mexico, were I grew up, there is no heating systems inside the houses, so 14C is REALLY cold. We would sit by the fireplace, sip hot cocoa and sing. Good old days!
    Hope you had an awesome day finding treasures!

  3. I was thinking the same thing today about the weather. 27C and clear blue skies - those in Europe would be "in their knoppies" ie happy.
    Awesome LO's too.

  4. Hi! Good Luck on your search. Of course You know I am infatuated with an old typewriter too. You know, now that I think about it, I think my grandpa has one. I should call and see if I can buy it from him. Love that satiny bow on your card! the layouts are cuuute, as always. that maxi is soooo cute! :) Have a great day!

  5. cute lo's!!! And cute card too!!! I can't believe that it is winter there. It is so crazy hot here right now, yesterday was in the 90's (fahrenheit) I thought I was literally cooking in my skin.


    I know this still isn't a typewriter (would you use it, or is it just for decoration?)...but it's one awesome font! Do you have it? This is free...I love using it!

  7. I love the Park layout. The blues are so bold with the yellows!

    Oh,and it's rare that my feet get warm even in the summer! I always have big fuzzy socks on.


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