Monday, June 23, 2008


You know it's been weekend in our home by the debris that lies around the house. If you look carefully, it tends to be debris with purpose, courtesy of Max. Yes, we have a boy in the house!

Have a in a boot...........(because boots have handles...easy to carry around, duh!)
Piles of puzzles, bits of wire, modeling clay, books & other such things...
Crazy clay critters....
Neat rows of cars being led by Mr M&M, dragging a large silver padlock.....important stuff this.
Various containers filled with a treasure trove of bits 'n bobs.....
Meet 'Clucky-benalyn-phil-notty'....our resident rubber toad, who has been responsible for the raised heart rate of more than one unsuspecting visitor.
(Uniquely named by Master M. Watson himself)
We also had Bambi visit us.....but shame, the hunters caught him & put him in a cage. See his sad face...? (M is such an act!)We went to Levi's birthday on Friday, where Mel had these super cool rides for the kiddies. Had to share this really bad happy-snap of Max perfecting his, 'I'm tired of flash bulbs & Mamarazzi' face. One of the downfalls of being a scrapbooker....too many camera's around all the time.
And that's all folks...I'll post something scrappy a bit later.


  1. This looks familiar! Mine are only twice as much! Marco likes to dis-assemble (is there a word like that?) things these days. This weekend he took our old VCR apart - the result - a million little pieces all over the place!

  2. love the little piles of evidence that you have a loving home. I love the pic of him under the little table. Quite a small little prison he got himself in!!

  3. Lovely post. I love the squished nose while he's under the chair.

    We have a toy spider from Caleb's deset biome project that gives me the heebies every time he "escapes" and looks at me from a spot on the floor, or the kitchen counter or my bed etc etc.

  4. You certainly do have a boy in the house! Look at all that fun stuff to play with! My house is a bit of a mess right now as my shoulder konked out on me and I haven't been able to vacuum. Oh well!

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my little one. She seems stronger today. I have her on new meds, so we will see if they work out for her :)

  5. The upside of all that stuff is that its colourful and makes for some epic photo opps!

  6. I love all the bits of max! :) my favorite is under the stool. what a funny imaginitive boy! :)

  7. What a funny pic of Max in a "cage!" Today Olivia said she was digging a hole to South Africa! I asked her if she remembered you...when I referred to the video of Max on the trampoline, she did!
    Oh, it's officially WINTER there, eh? Happy you ever get snow?

  8. cute pics! I probably won't do this week's challenge...maybe I'll catch the next one...

  9. My fave pic has to be the bambi one. It's just too cute. Although I have to say, that look he gives the Mammarazzi on the last pic, just makes my day! I though I was the only one who could draw that kind of response from my kids...

  10. Never a dull moment with Maxi is there? Can't wait for next month...and all his stash we've collected for him...


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