Monday, August 18, 2008

Challenge #8 L.O's

Hi there girls.....I am about to post the L.O's that were 80's inspired....I think they are all fabulous!! So get yourself ready for a blast into the past.

Take a look:

How cool are they???? On mine I used the plastic flower from a pair of dangly earings I wore back then & the x2 crocheted flowers were off a sweater of mine that I had kept in my sewing supplies.

So scrapping the 80's doesn't have to be a daunting can be fun, colourful...& a load of fun.

I drew the RAK winner was Stefanie...well done! I will get something to you in the mail as soon as I get a moment.

Have a happy scrappy day everyone. Challenge #9 up tomorrow.


  1. This was such a fun challenge. I plan to still do it one of these days. Fab job everyone...KJ - i love the pose!

  2. it went great! thanks for asking, oh and love the 80's vibe going on here!

  3. Lovely selection of Lo's ladies.
    And how cool to get a RAK from you!
    More stash!! Mmmm how delish.

  4. It was for a photo shoot for a fashion photographer :o)

  5. looking H-O-T there Miss Kim! Wow. The 80's were certainly an interesting era to live through. Love that you used earrings. YOu are so inspirational!

  6. Love your big fat hair Kim! Love all the layouts - this was FUN!!!:)

    Congrats Stefanie!

  7. lovely LO girls, hmmm i remember the hair KJ bigger the better!!


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