Friday, August 15, 2008

So spoilt!

OK now I'm jumping for joy!! I have just gotten word that I have another 3 L.O's selected for publication by x2 different magazines.....WooHoo! I feel so spoilt.

*Happy dance time*

I'm a'shimmyin'.... I'm a'shimmyin'!

Well that's all for now guys, I just thought I'd quickly let you know, so you can do a little dance along with me from all your different parts of the globe.


PS: A little funny to end off with.....I am kissing Max good-bye for school when he pipes must kiss me different because I really don't like lip-wet! really cracked me up...and the onslaught of 'yuk don't kiss me Mama' creeps closer.


  1. awe, sweet kid. At least he still lets you kiss him. My little boy Keaton kisses with wet lips too, so it's opposite for us. I'm always wiping my cheek when he's done kissing me.
    A huge congrats on your announcement! I need to join the bandwagon too! I'll just hitch a ride on your coattails if you don't mind!

  2. congrats, doll! you are getting sooo famous!

  3. I am so proud of you!!!!!wooooo hooooooo!

    and awww max is so sweet! :)

  4. Very proud. Not surprised though...I always said so. Now when's the book coming? Maybe you should speak to Britney about a book deal?

  5. I'm doing the happy dance with you right here right now!!!!! Yay for you my friend!!!

    By the way - you lo in the Aug CK is sooo great! Just looks different somehow when I see it in print!

  6. Congrats you go girl!!!!
    There is nothing like seeing your work in print....

    You ROCK!!!

  7. LOVE that story!!! Cesar started hiding behind the lockers to get his kisses when he was in pre-k...
    Awesome with the LOs!!! not surprised, here... I know you rock, my friend!!! Actually, today I answered a survey at EK success website, and one of the questions was "What is your favorite blog", and I wrote down yours! How about that for a fan???

  8. Well done, Kim - way to go for SA Scrappers ....

    Trust you will keep us in the know as to which Pubs so that we can rush out and get them to see you in "lights".

    What a gorgeous boy - laughed out loud when I read your post about the toilet - perfect little boy ...


  9. That is so awesome...YAY

  10. Wow, you go girl! =) Super huge congrats on the pubs! You deserve all this greatness and more!


  11. Jumping up and down for you, but not too high cuz the babe, ya know. I received your card today and wanted to say thank YOU SO MUCH! You're too kind. Love all the embellies and can't wait to use them. Also can't wait to see those published l.o's.

  12. Aint no stopping this train....!

  13. Yahoo - that's our girl well done KJ-you're a starre. And big hugs from the gramsy for Max, been there, done that, all that's missing is Max cutting his hair!!! Yip just you wait ' don't worry mama, i've cut my own hair!! hee hee


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