Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stories from the bowl... I think I am very smart...I am posting this blog post from my new downloaded add-on for Firefox...called Scribefire. You can post from anywhere on the net using this preloaded is so cool & far more versatile than bloggers publisher.
Now let's hope it actually works~ hahaha!

I wanted to share with you x2 recent incidences I experienced with Maxi, that had me in stitches.

For all of you who don't know him...he is an outgoing, confident little act at the best of times & so when I heard him roaring at the top of his lungs from my bedroom...I knew it was probably going to be a Kodak moment. Armed with suitable equipment I went to investigate, I must say I knew he was good at imaginary games but this was the first time I'd ever seen him improvise just so well....

He had taken a large black board marker & covered himself in hair....note how even his belly button was all coloured in. He roared at me in monster language until I asked him to translate into English...where I was told he was a 'rock throwing monster from Mars' there you have it; an actor in the making...Lord help the Mama :o)
Below is a pic of the Mars monster mid roar.

The next incident was on Sunday while I was blogging & he was playing...I heard him 'drumming' as he usually does on anything near enough to be transformed into a drum kit; only this time it was the sooty fire grate. After the 'song' was finished, the responsible parent in me demanded he wash his filthy hands. I finished up what I was doing & headed to the bathroom to help him, where I was told he had already done it all by himself. I looked around & saw the basin was spotless...whipping around I asked where he had didn't take much CSI to work it out...

He proudly explained: " I used the water in toilet bowl to wash my hands Mama...& I also washed my hair in there look!!" True as bob...his head was wet too.....the 'ICK' factor for me was completely overwhelming, hence I ran a bath immediately & tossed him into it.

Boys.....! can't live without knowing why they are so quiet!!


  1. Yikes...
    Thank God I have girls, but still they are capable of some amazing things!

  2. FYI most kitchen sponges or swabs have a higher bacterial count than toilets in the same homes... I admire his foresight actually, no mess in the basin, no marks on the towels and if you have the blue stuff in the swirl, then he had added scent. LOL.
    I'll so take boy's shenanigens anyday.

  3. Boys indeed! He'll survive for sure though, they have tough mutant genes.

  4. nice stories. love the roar shot! i miss my little guy, he is 22 now. still does silly things, though...

  5. Boys are truly a different breed - but so entertaining.


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