Monday, August 11, 2008

Challenge #8.

Are you like me & have a few of those typical 80's photo's stashed somewhere, that you cringe at every time you see them? Well today is the day that we haul them out & scrap them. As dorky as they might be, with our funny hair, crazy accessories, leg warmers & Duran-Duran T-shirts...they are part of our childhood & a part of us. So join me & be brave...let's scrap them into immortality.
I did a sketch loosely based on this L.O taken from the Autumn leaves 'LOOK' book; but you don't have to use exactly because I know many of the 80's photo's we have are not enlargements. An idea though, might be to take one of the pic's you do have, scan it, adjust the colour digitally & blow it up.... 80's in it's full glory. The great thing about reminding ourselves of an era is to use embellishments, colours & elements from that time, to embrace the theme.

Happy reminiscing guys! Live out your wildest 80's memories & have the L.O to me by the 17th August for posting.
Have a great day!


  1. !Hey Babes! I stopped in to say HI!
    Luv you

  2. You cheated and scrapped it already! Ok I suppose we have more visual candy to work from. I love that you're making your own sketches now too. Such a clever woman you are. Not fair...but proud of you nonetheless.

  3. eeek! That's gonna be so difficult choosing a photo will be the hardest part. Hopefully I'll be able to do a paper lo for a change - I'll be home along this weekend and can't wait to do some SERIOUS paper scrapping then! Thanks for the challenge Kim - otherwise those pics will certainly never be scrapped!

  4. Great challenge gotta love those pics from the 80's....

    Can't wait to see what your readers come up with!!!


  5. What a cute lil school girl!!! I have some neat photos...the one I'm thinking about is me with my banana-seat bike!

  6. Are you NUTS, girlfriend??? I don't even think I HAVE pix from the 80s!!!
    This is going to be a tough one... we'll see if I can come up with anything (I really, literary think I don't have any 80s pix, I'll have to check my boxes, if I can find them!)

  7. Having a blonde moment. It looks like your handwriting and the pic even looks like I imagine you would have looked. Then I saw the LO in the LOOK book, right where you said you got it from. Oops! My bad.

  8. very cute layouts, hopefully I can join in sometime soon.

  9. What do you mean childhood and 80's in the same breath, I had a child in the 80's!!

  10. I totally have a TON of 80's photos just waiting for me to scrap them! Love this idea, great lo too!

  11. Awwww, darn, too bad I've already scrapped all of those lovely photos! Ugh, we'll see if I can scan an reproduce something. My hair was totally a work of art ya know.
    To answer your question...
    no, my dh does not leave the house with his goatee all done up with rubber bands. I would kill him!!! I was out with the ladies and I guess he and my son were having a little fun. He loved everyone's comments but he still hasn't cut it off yet. I figure I'll give him till after the baby is born and then he'd better comply, or else.

  12. great looking sketch adn great take on the sketch...loving your work

  13. Looks like I didn't get my pics scanned in time! It is currently 5:30 pm on the 17th for me, so I missed your deadline! I won't be able to even pick up scanned pics from Costco till tomorrow the 18th. I am so bummed I missed this one. I will get the next challenge though-looking forward to it! I can't wait to see what the others did!


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